The Other Side of Sunshine

2020 needs no introduction as it has been quite a dynamic year but it has taught me things about myself that I didn’t know before and I have learned multiple new skills over the course of the pandemic.

The significance of family was treated as trivial before, but 2020 has taught me how essential my family is for my being. Whether it was games, movies or just talking about the most negligible things in life and how all of a sudden, they are what we seem to cherish the most now.

Taking a walk along the Sea-link or meeting friends for dinner, everything not regarded as important was abruptly taken from us, just to bring to our notice how dismissive of the little things in life we are. Going to school, meeting your peers, eating at the cafeteria would otherwise have not been a child’s perfect idea of fun, but now, that’s what most of us dream of.

I did not previously know how to read my mother-tongue, but with a lot of time on my hands, I picked up the skill. Most people who know me, know that I would be the last person to step into the kitchen, but I’ve learned how to cook a few dishes now. I’ve discovered new musical artists and have memorized the lyrics of plenty of new songs and old ones I had lost touch with. I’ve read many new and old books alike to escape the reality around me.

Gratitude has come to be one of the attributes I value most and one that I hope I have imbibed during this period. One can never be too grateful for the things and people they have in their lives. So, I think everyone needs to sprinkle- if only just a pinch- of gratitude on whoever they meet. Which would not have been a lot of people as of late, but those who one is in-touch with.

2021 is what people hope to be a blessing. “A desert blessing, an ocean curse.” – John Green. I wish myself for it to be so. However, we must learn to succumb to the ‘new normal’. 2021 may be a benediction to 2020 and it also may not.

I, personally, wish to take the memories I could catch with my butterfly net, sow my new skills and aspirations deep into the soil for them to bloom, learn new things and keep looking up. “She looks up so much because all around her it’s hard to see without breaking her heart. She looks up because she sees something that is always, always going to be there.” – Maithili Thevar.

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