How Sport is Battling the Coronavirus

The Olympics have weathered massacres, terrorist attacks and even bomb blasts, but this year, the OLYMPICS have been scrapped due to the Corona virus outbreak. The only other things that have ever got an Olympics cancelled were the World Wars. So, the corona virus is a WORLD WAR EQUIVALENT THREAT. Let that sink in.

The Corona virus has not only threatened people’s lives, but it has also affected their livelihoods. Major industries such as aviation, hospitality, and sports have been brutally set-back by the virus. Sport viewers have been hit with the message, “Matches are postponed until the situation improves.” In the absence of a steady cash flow, low ranking players, stadium workers and team employees are struggling to make ends meet. However, as social distancing holds us apart, the sporting community has grown even closer as massive efforts are being made to lend a hand.

In tennis- the WTA, ITF, ATP, 4 Grand Slams and top players are contributing to a multimillion dollar ‘Player Relief Fund’ to help lower ranked players pull through this crisis. After all, many of these players may be prominent figures in the future of the sport, and helping them through their hardships builds their morale while supporting their efforts. Moreover, this fund projects the sport as a financially viable option to future generations, by illustrating the community’s “ability to come together in times of crisis.” (Joint statement by ATP, WTA and the International Tennis Federation)

In the world of the NBA- players, team owners and just about anybody in a position to donate is compensating the salaries of team statisticians, announcers, and employees at stadiums who work behind the scenes to make the game what it truly is. Even MLB has pledged a whopping $30 million dollar donation towards this cause.

These measures barely scratch the surface of the level of action being taken. Players are taking voluntary cuts in their salaries and are chipping in with generous donations. This admirable ‘no man left behind’ attitude is the true charm of the sporting community, and takes it to new heights.


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