How do I choose an international school in Mumbai for my child?

As a parent one of the most difficult decisions they need to make is ‘what is the right international school in Mumbai for their child’. In education, these days there are a number of choices are available that it is understandable for parents to feel confused. Choosing an international school is a crucial part as it is the first step for the child on a path toward lifelong learning, prestigious college education, and a successful career. The process of choosing an international school in Mumbai should be child-focused as far as possible as every child is a unique blend of his/her abilities, interests, and needs.

Here are few pointers to keep in mind while deciding upon an international school in Mumbai for your child:


As a parent we would want our children to study in best of the schools, but our budget is also important factor to keep in mind while selecting a school. Choosing a school that does not burden you and where you can sustain to pay fees regularly.


When it comes to the curriculum, there are 5 different boards in Mumbai.

  • SSC – Secondary School Certificate
  • ICSE – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
  • CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education
  • IB – International Baccalaureate programme*
  • CIE – Cambridge International Examinations*
(* followed mostly by international schools in India)

Each board has a different curriculum and teaching methodology. International Baccalaureate (IB) focuses on encouraging students to be critical thinker, build problem solving skills and be internationally-minded. Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) offers a good balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience and also the flexibility in the course gives the freedom to choose subjects that are right for the child. International board philosophy revolves around the all-round development of the student. This gives the children a chance to discover their strengths and understand their true potential. It also gives them an exposure to real life view at a very young age. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) focus on rote learning and lays emphasis on memorizing the syllabus through textbook learning. Every board has its pro and cons. Parents should look at all the possible options and make the decision depending upon their child’s interests and learning capability.

School philosophy While choosing an international school in Mumbai for your child, apart from only focusing on the board and co-curricular activities offered by the school, the first and foremost important is the schools vision and Philosophy. There would be lot of information you would be able to gather from others and searching online. One of the important thing to also keep in mind is the vision and philosophy of the school which should match with yours as not only does your child, but you also become a part of the family.
The journey of growing up together becomes fruitful, when you and the school as a team, work towards a common goal, of raising wonderful human

Class size

The relationship between the teacher and the student is key in an international school. Would you instead send your child to a school which allows 60 or 20 students per class? Obviously, you would prefer the latter option since fewer students per class so that proper attention and care can be provided to each and every student. A teacher should make the child feel comfortable and important and hence be able to create a home away from home!


One of the important factors that parents may want to consider in a city like Mumbai is the proximity of the school. As it is important that a child spend his/her time learning or playing and not travelling. You should find out whether the school provides transport or not. If you are a working parent, then they should make sure that the school timings match with your work timings.

Holistic development

Extracurricular activities play an integral part of the overall education of your child. If your child has a hobby, choose a school where it would be easy to pursue it. Hence, it’s important to select the best international school in Mumbai for your children depending upon the nature of activities they conduct.

Don’t be afraid or shy to ask questions related to the international school in Mumbai. You will be able to find a lot about the heart of the school and their culture by the way they reply. This would allow you to know more about the school and help you discover whether is a good fit for your child to thrive.

What next? Keeping in the mind the above steps, the next step would be to make a list of schools who meet your criteria. Call the international school in Mumbai and find out the deadline of the school application. Once the application is done and you have an offer from the schools and is the deciding time go with your gut feeling keeping in my mind. What parents need is that their children are happy and joyful. Selecting a school that you think your child will be happy with is a much better option than picking the best international school in Mumbai.

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