Robotics and Drone Designing
Drones seem to be everywhere these days. These unmanned semi-autonomous vehicles, have seen a lot of hype recently, as they are becoming central (or at least potentially central) to a wide set of activities: from TV and online news casting, to law enforcement, healthcare, and even goods delivery. Student will learn to design and to fly drones
Students will learn various techniques of clay work and wheel work. They will be able to make various articles like mask, sculptures, murals etc. which will be fired at the end of the year.
The MUN Club is an experience-sharing platform, wherein relatively experienced MUNers of the club help the others with strategic planning and execution of the same, in a real committee. The MUN Club has a fairly simple mission – Make Every Delegate “The Best Delegate”.
Stem Club
 STEM Club has the potential to improve student’s confidence, learning and understanding of STEM subjects, which increases skill sets and levels of attainment. Through their enjoyment and enthusiasm in taking part in Club activities, students can challenge their abilities and learn more about STEM subjects.
Western Dance
Students will use the techniques of Jazz, Contemporary and Tap dance, to help our students express themselves by providing a wide range of musicality and movement through these different forms. Thus helping them to channelize their energy and creativity in a positive and nurturing environment.
Creative Writing
The students will try their hand at storytelling and writing across different genres, such as Poetry, Fiction and Non Fiction. Over the course of this workshop, children gain exposure to a wide range of literature, discover new forms of story writing, and realize their own writing potential under the guidance of faculty
Book Club
This will be an endeavour to enable the children to explore different genres, make connections between the text and the real world, to express their understanding of the intention of the book, to assimilate learning, to keep the channel of communication open with people who care to listen, become life-long readers and hopefully motivate others to pick a book
Mindful Moments
This safe space will be used for our students to reconsider choices while learning to decompress, reflect, and engage in multiple mindful and sensory based activities. Mindfulness techniques allow students to pay attention to what is important rather than being forced to wallow in their problems
Who doesn't love to bake? In this ECA, the students will learn the basics of baking, measuring and weighing and following instructions. What's best? One gets to eat what one bakes!
The art programme that encompasses art history, cartooning, portraits, human figures, still life composition, graphic design, symmetry, and enriches vocabulary of kids with topics that are very well researched to suit their sensibilities. A programme surely for kids who like drawing and an opportunity and a unique experience for those who don't
Aerial Silk
 A few meters of Silky fabrics fixed to a hook are enough to give life to a magic show. Falls, turns, acrobatics and shapes drawn with the body: a unique hybrid between athletic practice and dance.
3D Printing
Students will learn the product design process – how to develop a product from an idea. They will be challenged to come up with their own ideas by making sketches which will be designed and prototyped. There are different methods to build a prototype but the most fascinating of them is 3D printing. 3D printing lets you create literally anything, instantly, by depositing layers of material from bottom to top


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