Physical Education
In Physical Education (PE) we encourage psychomotor learning in play or movement exploartion to promote active and healthy lifestyle.  PE classes are interactive to create competent,literate and enthusiastic sportspersons.
Students learn all types of floor exercises like Jumps, Walks, Rolls for body conditioning. We focus on body posture and stretching of body parts to build flexibility, stamina, endurance, Body balance etc. This helps in keeping the children fit and active throught out the day.
Yoga brings balance in body, mind & intellect. The focus of the asanas is not only to develop the physical strength but improve their flexibilty, focus & fluidity( in the thought process).  Pranayama will help to regulate their breathing pattern and strenthen their lungs for optimal breathing capacity.
Speech & Drama
The Speech & Drama program helps unleash the Child’s imagination while developing important life skills that range from being creatively alive to honing their critical thinking along with nurturing their compassionate and empathetic side. Our students gain that all-important self confidence through our carefully curated theatre games and drama exercises.
Indian Music
In Indian Music the focus is on vocal exercise and modulation. Apart from that we emphasis on thematic integration.
Western Music
Understanding & singing the basic melody with the right tune, together with appropriate actions and use of expression, to build the kids intrest in music. Understanding and syncronizing of beats with the help of tapping. 
Indian Dance
At ABWA, Indian dance is taught in integration with the curriculum of the different themes.  Students learn different techniques and skills of Classical, Semi Classical, Indian and International folk and tribal dances, Contemporary, Creative and experimental dances based on the movements of Martial Arts and sports activities. Students are introduced to outdoor activities such as performing for Special events, Inter- School Dance Competitions, Festivals etc. to make students understand creative processes, performances and professional expectations. 
Western Dance
In western dance students learn Jazz and Ballet syllabus to build good confidence, body posture, flexibility and strength. Emphasis is paid upon team building activities which help them in learning how dance together as a team in a synchronized manner on stage. Performing skills and choreography are given a lot of importance as they help dancers to express themselves freely, build lateral thinking and eliminate stage fright. 


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