Having worked with Aditya Birla World Academy from the inception, I feel like a true member of the team. A genuine sense of being a part of the family bolsters me every day and I, in turn, pass that feeling on to my students. Aditya Birla World Academy cares about meeting the emotional and academic needs of all its students. Because of this, it believes in providing extensive support, professional development and encouragement to all its teachers. Strong teachers beget strong students. At ABWA, teachers are given all they need to develop and perfect their craft, while meeting the needs of the students they are so passionate about. I have been given several opportunities to attend workshops and trainings for which I am grateful to the school. 
I always feel safe to talk about areas of growth, and truly believe that my Principal, Section Head and colleagues care for me and want to see me grow as a teacher. I feel honoured and proud to be a teacher at ABWA.

Growing up, I wanted school to be more, to mean more. We were the product of a system where you learned from a book and rarely questioned. School should have been a more 360 degree experience, but most times it felt like a run-of-the-mill. 
This feeling of yearning never left me. So after much thought, I decided to move into the field of education and it led me here, to this very school. 
As teachers here, we are able to provide a nurturing and safe environment where children are taught to question and disagree and engage. Learning is in their hands and we are just a vehicle. It is always in the best interest of the child to think for himself/herself. 
Here at the Aditya Birla World Academy, there is a strong sense of family that exists, not just with the children but also with the ever so committed staff. It is never about coming out on top. It is about coming together so that the children can thrive. The school presents us with several opportunities for growth, as a means to develop ourselves and our skills as teachers, which is in a sense a validation and a huge motivation to strive on for the children. 
Today's society is all about making it and becoming successful. However, here we feel it's even more important to imbibe a sense of gratitude and to give back. This school allows me to raise every student of mine to be the best version of himself/ herself, to take risks in life, to realize that money isn't always a true definition of success. Happiness is! And lastly, to live an enriching life where he/she can continue to engage and evolve every single day. 
I am happy to be a part of a school that cares and ensures that everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

Armed with over two decades of teaching skills I had joined the Aditya Birla World Academy. During the last ten years the school has not only enriched my teaching life but has also been a happy place to come to every day. 
This has been possible due to the strong leadership and nurturing in the school. Our Chairperson, Mrs. Birla, has been the guiding light of the journey, with her motivation and encouragement. The freedom to express even the most conflicting views has helped me to be assertive in every way. Vibrant, lively and diverse colleagues who are ever ready to share their knowledge and experiences, interspersed with the masti in the staff room makes our school a joie de vivre. 
The carefully designed and regularly conducted workshops have helped me develop not only my soft skills but helped me improve my professional and personal relationships with my colleagues. Not to mention the several opportunities to train and grow which have constantly helped me bring out the innate potential of the students and mould them into passionate, creative, sensitive and value based individuals. 
The icing on the cake for me has been the creative freedom given to organize and conduct community service which has been my passion for long. 
Continuous appreciation for good that is done and cordial handholding when I falter have been the corner stone of my growth. Being a member of the pre-opening team of this school I have seen a great Sunrise, for me Sunset will be just as grand.

Mumbai has been my home for the last 6 years and I love living in this vibrant city and working in such an exciting school. The school has a strong mission and vision and comes with an excellent management team who value their staff. Working at ABWA has been a career defining experience. I have enjoyed teaching mathematics and discussing with my students and have always been impressed with their desire to engage with creative learning approaches. Thinking of new ideas and thinking of ways to improve one’s practice are encouraged and celebrated here. We have a strong academic program and are not just a school that is doing only what it needs to do, but we continue to push the boundaries of what can be done. The staff, parents and students are very friendly and welcoming. It is a HAPPY PLACE!!!

ABWA has transformed and translated me into a lifelong learner with an ever-increasing thirst for knowledge and experience. The school allowed me to exploit my fetal potential and nurture them into traits that, today, define my character. I will always be grateful for the open environment that pushed me to my limits and encouraged me to learn, achieve and inspire.

“ABWA has not only given me a quality education but it has given me the confidence to be myself. The school has been outstanding where the teachers have supported me every step of the way and the students have been compassionate and mature. I can proudly say I love every bit of this school and it is my second home.”

My time at ABWA most definitely helped prepare me massively for uni life at Oxford (and indeed, life beyond university as well). On the academic side, the library was absolutely marvellous - there was a plethora of revision books to help me through the AS and A2 level exams, tons of books covering languages (including one on Mandarin), and several of the latest 'in' books in non-fiction writing. Most importantly, there was a massive book on philosophy which I pored over in twelfth grade, and especially before my interview at Oxford for PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). I'm not sure where else I would have found the necessary resources for this somewhat arcane subject, and I am so glad to have found this and much more in the library.
I loved the A Level too - it provided me with just the right amount of depth in all my subjects while allowing me enough time to explore certain topics in more detail and in my own time. In particular, it allowed me to delve into economics and english language for several hours every week. Devouring, and being able to truly understand some of the articles in 'The Economist' or in the Op-Eds in the 'New York Times' has really only been possible with the firm foundation that was provided to me by my teachers, and by the A Level curriculum.
Finally, I was always provided with help from the school in the two years that I was there. I remember being given permission to borrow some of the reference books for a day from the library when I really needed them, and when my interview clashed with half-yearly exams was permitted to travel to the UK for the interview and then sit the exams in a later week. These might seem like tiny, unremarkable gestures but for a harried 17 year old it means a whole lot!

Here at ABWA every single stakeholder from teachers to staff to children lives the motto “Learn, Achieve Inspire.” It is a place where our values as families have been nourished and my children have had an incredible journey of growing into emphatic thinking individuals and lifelong learners.
In the last ten years I have not only witnessed my children’s growth but also seen myself grow intellectually, emotionally, & have honed my softer skills - all this thanks to the team of excellent loving Principal, Section Heads, teachers and undoubtedly the CR body. 
So far, moving our children to ABWA, a decade back has been the most fruitful and worthy decision. We are blessed to be a part of this school which has firm Indian roots!

My very first interaction with ABWA was with the admissions office. An experience where guidance was readily available and responses were prompt. A unique blend of efficient professional conduct, with a warmth and approachability that one is drawn to, and later realises... is quintessentially ABWA.
The academic standard at ABWA is high and the curriculum is structured in a way that develops the skills for enquiry, initiative, investigation and application. The level of caring, and the connect between the teachers and children is not only unique but special. Success and happiness go hand in hand at ABWA.”

We have our son Dhyaan Shah studying in Grade 1 B. Our association with the school started 3 Years back. As expected, the school helps in the overall development of the child and we have experienced it with our son who comes home and shares his work / learning from school which makes us feel proud of our decision to choose ABWA over other schools. Excellent balance of Education, Drama, Music, Sports, Social Values & Responsibility is making our child develop completely and getting trained for bigger challenges in life. I was fortunate to be selected to become the CR last year and understood the in depth working / functioning of the school which made me more confident of my child's future. Everyone from the security at the gate to the Teachers are happily willing to help you out with your queries. Thank you Very Much for making us a part of the ABWA Family.

ABWA the Institution and its Family (teachers and its students, alike), are everything that you come to expect from the Aditya Birla Group… Deep rooted in their Indian-ness, Fair & Transparent, Fiercely Ambitious, Global in Outlook, Caring and Compassionate and an unrelenting Hunger to Excel. These tenets perhaps explain how a relatively young institution, has climbed its way up to stand proudly today, amongst the top ranked schools of the country.

ABWA is truly a special place. You feel the positive energy and warmth as soon as you step into the school. Siddharth is very happy at ABWA and we have seen him grow emotionally, socially, physically and educationally over this transformative year. From being a quiet child to being communicative and an extrovert, the journey has been very enriching indeed. Having discovered his creative side, he is now enjoying experimenting with blending his knowledge of concepts taught with creatives like Drama, Art and co-curriculars like Yoga, Gymnastics. The themes-led methodology of teaching enables him to explore the depths of the concept taught, while tapping into his creative reservoir. The teaching and non-teaching staff at ABWA are very competent and caring professionals who treat each of their students as if they were their own. ABWA empowers the students to become high achievers, while imbibing within them a strong set of values and ethics

I have been an ABWA mum since the school’s inception in 2008. Over the past ten years, I have seen the school shoot into the stratosphere while it remains firmly grounded in its ethos of being an international school with an Indian soul. And that is what I love the most about this school. I have watched my children and their peers evolve into confident, well-rounded young adults ready to take on the world. I have witnessed ABWA’s spirit of community first hand, for it has been a second home not just for my children, but also for me.
ABWA and its wonderful faculty has played a key role in making my children what they are today. It has not only just taught them how to think, how to imagine, how to dream but has prepared and pushed them to achieve those dreams.
I am ever grateful to this wonderful institution for making my children realise what they are capable of. In ABWA they have found the strength and guidance to navigate life’s obstacles.
Always a proud ABWA mom!

"We have been a part of the ABWA family for the past 2 years and are extremely proud to be a part of the school. What we love most is the ease of communication with the teachers and school management. For instance, I had suggested that the children should participate in an international art competiton called 'Kshitij'...the faculty liked the idea and it was immediately implemented. The children participating in this event have received valuable art education and are also thrilled to get winner/participant certificates. We look forward to continue being an integral part of ABWA.

ABWA is a wonderful world. It is so much more than an ordinary school.  We have been here a long time (2 daughters starting their journey from LKG and now currently in Grade 6 and 4) and have seen many things over the last 7 years.
We see a school community that never stops striving for excellence in every way.
It is truly an International school- Green school, technology- savvy, e- communication, parents' and students and teachers workshops, International faculty, MUN, exchange programs etc.,
with an Indian soul- celebrations, prayers, focus on important values like service, humility, kindness and courage.

ABWA is successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development, and we as parents are delighted and grateful to be part of ABWA family.

I joined Aditya Birla World Academy as a twelve-year old in 2008 and had the opportunity to see it grow from a tiny sapling to a beautiful tree, which soon became home. I graduated in 2014 with friendships that will last a lifetime and memories that I will never forget.
Reflecting back, those years at ABWA influenced me in ways one cannot even imagine. It made me independent but at the same time empathetic towards others. It also equipped me with tools to take on any challenge and embrace every opportunity. Till today, I cherish every moment, right from ABMUN to those countless nights spent finishing IB coursework.
I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Management at London Business School and I believe those years at ABWA instilled in me a sense of purpose and a set of values that define my personality

I trace back a lot of my college and professional successes to my experiences at ABWA. I believe that the school offered my classmates and me the space to explore our passions, develop core values, and understand what excellence meant to each one of us. The teachers built a nurturing and open environment for us to make mistakes and learn rapidly; they went above and beyond by making themselves available at any time of day or night for both academic and personal conversations. ABWA also welcomed initiative – something that has been very important to me – and I think that allows the students the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the school as well.

"ABWA's holistic and enriching curriculum prepared me for a diverse array of opportunities ahead; both, which I could embrace and materialize."

My school was never a second home to me, It was my first.
The kind of exposure and platform I have received to identify my true potential was impeccable. It has not only taught me the concepts but taught me how to apply the same in my life. The out of the box thinking I show today at Schbang, is only possible because of how my mentors moulded me.
ABWA is not just a school, It is a way of life.

The end of this academic year brings an end to my daughter Rhea's journey in this esteemed institution as she passes out from Grade 12 IB. 
The past 7 years have been her golden years where she blossomed and flourished. She has always been a quiet and hard-working child and ABWA allowed her to recognize her strengths and talents which have contributed to the girl she is today. The open and friendly environment in school made this a fun-filled journey for her. This open policy has always allowed her to approach any of her teachers and ask for any kind of help. Personally, when I have visited school in the past seven years, I have always seen happy faces around, which for me was very reassuring. Further, given that the first board examinations of a student's career is intimidating to say the least, your team and you do a great job in trying to make the whole process of the IGCSE examinations, a smooth one. I thank your entire team and you for all the wholehearted support and help that was given to Rhea. 
The beauty that underlies the essence of ABWA is that it allows every student to find his or her own niche and flourish. My son, Prabhat, is completely different in terms of his disposition along with his likes and dislikes and the roles that he likes to pursue, from Rhea. He too has blossomed and has been able to realize his strengths and optimise them. He has had an enriching experience and a great time right from Grade 6 to Grade 9 and I am sure that he too will receive the same levels of support and help from your wonderful team in the upcoming year of the grade 10 examinations. 
Wishing you all the very best!

My daughter Chandni Gala who just graduated from 'A' Levels from Aditya Birla World Academy(ABWA). Chandni's two years at ABWA were very good. She has had very good teachers, who helped relentlessly to improve Chandni's performance, especially in Mathematics and Physics. Her art portfolio has turned out fabulous. 

Chandni applied for Bachelors of Architecture in six universities in the USA. ABWA's career guidance team has done fabulous work with grooming & guiding Chandni with her career choices. Because of this, we opted not to take any outside Counselor for her. From selecting the university to her applications, the Career Guidance Team guided us very accurately. Chandni's application got accepted by all the universities she applied to and she has narrowed down the choice and will join the universities once the university reopen post coronavirus crisis.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole ABWA Team.


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