How to Overcome Procrastination and Stay Motivated to Study?


Career Planning after Graduation


Top 10 Study Tips for Exams and Tests


What is the Importance of Empathy and Emotional Intelligence?


Things You Should Know About an International School in Mumbai


Importance of Being a Team Player for a Student – Lifelong Lesson


Simple Steps to Develop Good Habits in Cambridge School Students


Power of Meditation for Students – Be the Achiever


Goal Setting – Importance of Setting Goals for Students


Art Walk and Auction ABWA Annual Fete 2023


Identify Your Child’s Talent Beforehand


Yearly Outside Class Activities for Students – ABWA


Best IB School in Mumbai: How Can ABWA Help Your Child?


Brain Boosting Foods to Fight Against Exam Fever


Importance of Asking Questions in Classroom


Skills vs Competency: What’s the Difference?


How to Utilise Christmas Holidays to Enhance Life Skills


How to Raise a Critical Thinker


Become A Lifelong Learner - Learn The Different Ways From ABWA


Fun Physical Activities for Children and Parents at Home for Growth and Learning


How Is Music Training in School Linked to Social and Emotional Learning?


How to Increase Attention Span in Children

Prajakta Gaonkar

How To Choose The Correct Board For Your Toddler

Anshruta Poddar

How to incorporate social media effectively for the child's learning

Anshruta Poddar

Top 10 Ways To Help Your Teen Succeed in High School


5 Things To Build Confidence In Children


How to Set a Routine for Early Years Children


How to Enhance Fine Motor Skills Among Early Years Children


What are the Essential Students Social Skills We Should Imbibe in Our Children?

Sraddha Dcosta

FAQ's Related to Cambridge IGCSE for Grade 8th Admissions


Changes in Teaching Learning Process Over the Last Decade

Tiyasha chowdhary

How to overcome or bridge the learning gap that was created during pandemic?

Krishna Vadher

How to plan for the next step after Grade 10 exams?

Bhakti Bhatt

Inculcating a sense of responsibility in kids.

Anshruta Poddar

How can students be trained on having a positive attitude in life?

Anshruta Poddar

How to make social science fun for students?

Anshruta Poddar

Your guide to school admissions for your child

Anshruta Poddar

Fun learning in classrooms with drama and practical knowledge

Tanvi Jaiswal
ABWA Student

6 Ways For A Student To Stay Productive During The Summer Break

Sraddha Dcosta
Manager - Admissions & Communications

Common Questions Asked About Grade 11 & 12 Admissions

Tiyasha Chowdhury
Senior Manager - Marketing and EVents

Should I opt for Junior College or an International curriculum like IBDP / A Level in grade 11

Milind Jain
Maths Teacher

Fun with Math at an International School

Vandana Kulkarni
Head of Faculty - Social Science Coordinator Summer Internship Program

Internship programme at ABWA.

Krishna Vadher
IBDP Biology and ESS Teacher IGCSE Biology and EVM Teacher

Approaches to teaching and learning in IB.

Corryne Godinho
Admissions - Coordinator

Factors to consider when choosing a school.

Monaz Kathawala
Teacher CP

Importance of incorporating play in the school curriculum.

Dr. Pritesh Nandvikar
Head of the Faculty, Science Department, Faculty, Biology/ ESS/ EVM (IBDP/ IGCSE)

Benefits of practical approach in teaching science in schools.

Jayshree Kotak
Head - Admissions and Communications

How can students apply for ABWA's A-level courses after the 10th?

Neelam Mishra
Head of Faculty - Mathematics

Building critical thinking skills in grade 11 students.

Nikita D'silva
CP -Teacher

How to help first time school goers get adjusted to the new offline schooling environment?

Tiyasha Chowdhury
Senior Manager - Marketing and EVents

How is school life different in a top International school?

ABWA Career Counseling Team

How does an international curriculum prepare students for undergraduate college?

Grishma Shah
Event Manager

How to motivate a child to learn new skills?

Benaaz Irani
(Senior School Counselor) at Aditya Birla World Academy

Creating an Emotionally Healthy Home.

Manisha Lasrado
English Teacher - International Curriculum

What are Formative Assessments conducted by International School?

Tiyasha Chowdhury
Senior Manager - Marketing and Events

What next after Grade 10th and why is it important to plan and apply now?

Rajasi Deshpande
Teacher CP

Tips to create a positive learning environment for students

Anshruta Poddar

How do International Schools make classes fun and interactive?

Puja Aiyer
Global Dimensions and History Teacher - International Curriculum

With the increase in screen time, how can teachers help students to be motivated and focused?

Anshruta Poddar

Tips for Students to improve their reading habits.

Kruti Shah

How are international schools helping in reducing smartphone addiction among children?

Payal Raheja
(Teacher CP)

Benefits of e-learning for students and teachers.

Payal Dalal
(Teacher CP)

How do the best international schools make daily homework routines efficient and interesting?

Nishant Dexter
Geography Teacher

How do international or IB schools in Mumbai give opportunities for adventure and learning in the field?

Madhavi Shinde
Teacher CP

What is Value Education and how important it is for holistic learning?

Aachal Jain
Pastoral Care Coordinator

How to help students to deal with procrastination?

Anshruta Poddar

How can students develop communication skills? How do international schools contribute?

Anshruta Poddar

7 Teaching Strategies to Increase Your Student's Listening Skills.

Sanjoy Bhattacharjee
Head of Faculty-English

Tips on how to improve speaking skills in kids. Find the best schools in Mumbai to look for.

Simrat Arora
Teacher CP

How can parents take active participation in a student's academics going to international schools in Mumbai?

Shruti Shah
Visual Art Teacher

How does art class help with students' creative thinking? Find the best international schools supporting creative thinking.

Dhwani Varia

How to make a child an active learner in international schools?

Tiyasha Chowdhury
Senior Manager - Marketing & Events

How to impart leadership skills in school children? Find the best IB schools in Mumbai.

Naama Tajir
Teacher CP

Tips for students to improve handwriting. How does the best IB school in Mumbai impart this in students?

Mala Mehta

Students with special education needs. Find the school in Mumbai that supports special education needs.

Jayshree Kotak
Head - Admissions and Communications

Admission process for grade 11 international curriculum. Find the best A level schools in Mumbai.

Kimberly Miranda
Sports Manager

Importance of physical education. What is the role of international schools in physical education?

Nidhi Shah
CP Teacher

10 life skills to equip your child with. The best schools in Mumbai offer holistic learning.

Ms. Naznin Qureshi
Art and Design Teacher

Can art be taught online? How is ABWA helping students to stay creative?


Thematic learning program of ABWA. How are international schools beneficial for the holistic learning of students?

Mrudangi Khushrushai
IGCSE - Coordinator

Seven reasons why developing organizational skills in children is important. How are international schools in Mumbai factoring this in the curriculum?

Sanaa Dharamshi
ABWA Student

Why you never stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Shilpa Rene

What is Differential Learning? How does ABWA contribute to the differential learning curriculum?

Delnaz Delina
Counselor - CP

How does counselling at international schools take place for children's emotional and personal wellbeing?

Sonam Garg
(ABWA Parent)

5 ways in which parents can help children studying in international school

Vineeta Johnson
English Teacher – International Curriculum

How is the IB Diploma Programme curriculum framework designed?

Kruti Shah

What is ABWA’s Emotional Intelligence Program? How the international schools in Mumbai are adopting this program.

Shuchi Seth
Teacher CP

What are the advantages of online school? How is it impacting students' learning process?

Naznin Qureshi
Visual Art Teacher - International Curriculum

How do international schools in Mumbai help children interested in arts to succeed in the long run?

Corryne Godinho
Admissions - Coordinator

Tips and advice for parents before getting their children enrolled in an international school.

Sneha Chakrabarti
(ABWA Student)

Time Management during Exams. How do students cope with the exam stress?

Dr. Sonia Soni
Head - Career Guidance Counselor
Psychology Faculty-International Curriculum

How does ABWA help in choosing the right university for students opting for studies abroad?

Noshaba Pittalwala
Teacher CP

How is offline education affected by the pandemic? How are schools preparing for resuming offline schooling?

Benaaz Irani
(Senior School Counselor) at Aditya Birla World Academy

Striking a balance: It’s time to integrate emotional intelligence into our school education policy.

Chhaya Kanakia
Activities & Events Coordinator (JR. School)

How much do best international schools focus on extra and co-curricular activities? What are the activities included?

Shweta Jhaveri
English Teacher - International Curriculum

Will studying A levels after IGCSE in India help in cracking Indian entrance exams?

Ms. Harshada Keer
Activities & Events Coordinator-Srs Spanish Teacher-International Curriculum Aditya Birla World Academy

Gradually moving back to normalcy post pandemic, how to prepare students for the transition from online to offline in IB school?

Gayatri Viswanath
CAS Coordinator & Spanish Teacher International Curriculum

How do IB schools help children follow their passion? Which are the IB schools in South Mumbai to look at?

Sraddha Dcosta
Manager - Admissions & Communications

With the pandemic, how has the admission process changed? Which schools in South Mumbai follow an online admission process?

Gita Balsekar
English Teacher - International Curriculum

Is IBDP worth it in India and what are the advantages of studying in IBDP?

Anshruta Poddar

Why is holistic learning important? Which IB schools in South Mumbai offer holistic learning?

Prodipta Hore
Program Director - ABEA and Co-ordinator International Initiatives - ABWA

Is IB better than CBSE? Which schools in Mumbai offer IB?

Franak Bandekar
Secondary School & A Level Head


Vandana Kulkarni
Head of Faculty - Social Science Coordinator Summer Internship Program

Advice to a New A Level School Teacher in Mumbai

Shweta Jhaveri
English Teacher - International Curriculum

How is the international curriculum different?

Ms. Shalini John
IB- Head at Aditya Birla World Academy

Teaching methodology of IBDP

Ms. Avni Malhotra
Junior School Counselor

Screen Time During the Coronavirus Crisis

Niharika Tewari
(ABWA Parent)

The A Level way; 'Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring' - Alexandar Pope

Sraddha Dcosta
(Manager - Admissions & Communications)

10 Benefits of Joining an International School in Mumbai

Anika Khanna (Student)

Online learning in an international school and how being a part of international school help in overall development of the student

Aachal Jain (Pastoral Care Coordinator)

What Is Social And Emotional Learning and why is it important?

Jayshree Kotak (Head - Admissions and Communications)

It’s Time to Reflect, Rejuvenate & Recharge…

Dolphus Pereira (Technology Coordinator and Integrator)

Internet Safety for Children

Jigar Parmar (ABWA Parent)

How to help our kids succeed at e-learning

Gayatri Viswanath (CAS Coordinator & Spanish Teacher International Curriculum)

How IB schools are making online learning easier for kids

Anshruta Poddar (Junior School Coordinator)

How ABWA is making online learning easy for younger kids in an international school

Ms. Harshada Keer (Activities & Events Coordinator-Srs Spanish Teacher-International Curriculum)

The IB Schools’ Spotlight-The ECA version

Tiyasha Chowdhury
(Senior Manager - Marketing & Events)

How do I choose an international school in Mumbai for my child?

Ritika Bajaj
(Parent of Manya Bajaj (Grade 12- IBDP student))

Why should parents consider IB schools for their kids?

Dr. Sonia Soni
(Head - Career Guidance Counselor
Psychology Faculty-International Curriculum)

How can students cope up with Exam Pressure/Academic stress

Ms. Shalini John (IB- Head at Aditya Birla World Academy)

Why ABWA is the best IBDP school in Mumbai

Jayshree Kotak (Communications & Discipline Coordinator)

Why ABWA is the best international School in Mumbai

Nia Shah (ABWA student)

The Other Side of Sunshine

Sparsh Dak (Student Council - Live Wire)

How to survive exam season

Naznin Qureshi (Art Teacher - International Curriculum)

IGCSE Art and Design, What It Is All About?

Naznin Qureshi (Art Teacher - International Curriculum)

Diwali with a difference

Jasmine Palia (English Teacher - International Curriculum)

How to make kids enjoy reading

Ms. Shalini John (IB- Head at Aditya Birla World Academy)

Embracing the core of IBDP

Franak Bandekar (Secondary School & A Level Head)

How ABWA's A Level program prepares students for the future ?

Delnaz Delina (Counselor - Junior School)

Failure: A-pillar to Success

Nandini Ghatak (Academic Head-Middle School Geography and Global Dimensions Facilitator)

Which is the right curriculum for my child between IBDP and A Levels?

Delnaz Delina (Counselor - Junior School)

Coronavirus Pandemic: How Can We Reduce Long-Term Impact on Children’s Mental Health?

Nishant Dexte (Geography Teacher)

How to make online learning more interactive and interesting

Ms. Harshada Keer (Activities & Events Coordinator-Srs Spanish Teacher-International Curriculum)

How to keep the kids engaged home during free time (Non- Technology based)

Aadit Shah (ABWA student)

How Sport is Battling the Coronavirus

Ms. Shalini John (IB- Head)

IB Diploma Programme: Details about IBDP curriculum and admission process of ABWA

Benaaz Irani (Senior School Counselor)

Digital Learning: 7 Ways to keep oneself Productive and Focused

Franak Bandekar (Secondary School & A Level Head)

Cambridge IGCSE curriculum how can it help your child?

Harshada Keer (Activities & Events Coordinator-Srs Spanish Teacher-International Curriculum)

I like to move it, move it

Benaaz Irani (Senior School Counselor)

What to do at home during Covid-19

Chhaya Kanakia (Activities & Events Coordinator (JR. School))

Ways to Encourage Creativity in Children

What does it take to become the 2nd best international school in Mumbai

Mrs. Radhika Sinha (Principal)

5 Tips to help Students Stay Focused and Motivated


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