Ms. Harshada Keer
Activities & Events Coordinator-Srs Spanish Teacher-International Curriculum Aditya Birla World Academy

Gradually moving back to normalcy post pandemic, how to prepare students for the transition from online to offline in IB school?

Gayatri Viswanath
CAS Coordinator & Spanish Teacher International Curriculum

How do IB schools help children follow their passion? Which are the IB schools in South Mumbai to look at?

Sraddha Dcosta
Manager - Admissions & Communications

With the pandemic, how has the admission process changed? Which schools in South Mumbai follow an online admission process?

Gita Balsekar
English Teacher - International Curriculum

Is IBDP worth it in India and what are the advantages of studying in IBDP?

Hina Chandrapota
Junior School Coordinator

Why is holistic learning important? Which IB schools in South Mumbai offer holistic learning?

Prodipta Hore
Program Director - ABEA and Co-ordinator International Initiatives - ABWA

Is IB better than CBSE? Which schools in Mumbai offer IB?

Franak Bandekar
Secondary School & A Level Head


Vandana Kulkarni
Head of Faculty - Social Science Coordinator Summer Internship Program

Advice to a New A Level School Teacher in Mumbai

Shweta Jhaveri
English Teacher - International Curriculum

How is the international curriculum different?

Ms. Shalini John
IB- Head at Aditya Birla World Academy

Teaching methodology of IBDP

Ms. Avni Malhotra
Junior School Counselor

Screen Time During the Coronavirus Crisis

Niharika Tewari
(ABWA Parent)

The A Level way; 'Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring' - Alexandar Pope

Sraddha Dcosta
(Manager - Admissions & Communications)

10 Benefits of Joining an International School in Mumbai

Anika Khanna (Student)

Online learning in an international school and how being a part of international school help in overall development of the student

Aachal Jain (Pastoral Care Coordinator)

What Is Social And Emotional Learning and why is it important?

Jayshree Kotak (Head - Admissions and Communications)

It’s Time to Reflect, Rejuvenate & Recharge…

Dolphus Pereira (Technology Coordinator and Integrator)

Internet Safety for Children

Jigar Parmar (ABWA Parent)

How to help our kids succeed at e-learning

Gayatri Viswanath (CAS Coordinator & Spanish Teacher International Curriculum)

How IB schools are making online learning easier for kids

Hina Chandrapota (Junior School Coordinator)

How ABWA is making online learning easy for younger kids in an international school

Ms. Harshada Keer (Activities & Events Coordinator-Srs Spanish Teacher-International Curriculum)

The IB Schools’ Spotlight-The ECA version

Tiyasha Chowdhury
(Senior Manager - Marketing & Events)

How do I choose an international school in Mumbai for my child?

Ritika Bajaj
(Parent of Manya Bajaj (Grade 12- IBDP student))

Why should parents consider IB schools for their kids?

Dr. Sonia Soni
(Head - Career Guidance Counselor
Psychology Faculty-International Curriculum)

How can students cope up with Exam Pressure/Academic stress

Ms. Shalini John (IB- Head at Aditya Birla World Academy)

Why ABWA is the best IBDP school in Mumbai

Jayshree Kotak (Communications & Discipline Coordinator)

Why ABWA is the best international School in Mumbai

Nia Shah (ABWA student)

The Other Side of Sunshine

Sparsh Dak (Student Council - Live Wire)

How to survive exam season

Naznin Qureshi (Art Teacher - International Curriculum)

IGCSE Art and Design, What It Is All About?

Naznin Qureshi (Art Teacher - International Curriculum)

Diwali with a difference

Jasmine Palia (English Teacher - International Curriculum)

How to make kids enjoy reading

Ms. Shalini John (IB- Head at Aditya Birla World Academy)

Embracing the core of IBDP

Franak Bandekar (Secondary School & A Level Head)

How ABWA's A Level program prepares students for the future ?

Delnaz Delina (Counselor - Junior School)

Failure: A-pillar to Success

Nandini Ghatak (Academic Head-Middle School Geography and Global Dimensions Facilitator)

Which is the right curriculum for my child ?

Delnaz Delina (Counselor - Junior School)

Coronavirus Pandemic: How Can We Reduce Long-Term Impact on Children’s Mental Health?

Nishant Dexte (Geography Teacher)

How to make online learning more interactive and interesting

Ms. Harshada Keer (Activities & Events Coordinator-Srs Spanish Teacher-International Curriculum)

How to keep the kids engaged home during free time (Non- Technology based)

Aadit Shah (ABWA student)

How Sport is Battling the Coronavirus

Ms. Shalini John (IB- Head)

IB Diploma Programme: Details about IBDP curriculum and admission process of ABWA

Benaaz Irani (Senior School Counselor)

Digital Learning: 7 Ways to keep oneself Productive and Focused

Franak Bandekar (Secondary School & A Level Head)

Cambridge IGCSE curriculum how can it help your child?

Harshada Keer (Activities & Events Coordinator-Srs Spanish Teacher-International Curriculum)

I like to move it, move it

Benaaz Irani (Senior School Counselor)

What to do at home during Covid-19

Chhaya Kanakia (Activities & Events Coordinator (JR. School))

Ways to Encourage Creativity in Children

Surabhi Goel (CEO)

What does it take to become the 2nd best international school in Mumbai

Mrs. Radhika Sinha (Principal)

5 Tips to help Students Stay Focused and Motivated