Aditya Birla World Academy (ABWA)  strongly believes college counselling is not about ranking or social status but it is about finding the best fit college for the student. This journey for the student should be a “process and not a product”. We "BEGIN" as early as Grade VIII, to help students follow their dreams and passions...and to believe in themselves. The Mantra we believe in is " One size does not fit ALL". Dr. Sonia Soni  (Head - Career Guidance Counselor)

Students in ABWA benefit from having a highly dedicated and committed career counselling team who follows a personalized approach to student’s academic and college planning.  Preparing for the next stage after ABWA is an important part of secondary school experience. The career counselling department supports each student’s journey and guides them on a path of becoming future ready by helping them explore their passions, academic development  and university planning.  

ABWA counsellors work with students from grade VIII onwards helping them to focus on identifying opportunities that match their interests, passions and achievements. Counsellors also counsel the students on their curriculum choice and subject selections at the IGCSE and A Level / IBDP years. They also provide guidance to select the right fit college, facilitate the application process and provide resources to help students navigate college search and application.

Students can avail of many resources that are made available to them by the career counselling department for their college planning. It conducts the SAT, ACT, PSAT and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing for the students. AWBA uses Cialfo – an online platform that has a comprehensive career and college exploration tool  that the counsellors encourages students to use along with attending all the various college visits and fairs that the department organizes. Each year more than hundreds of college representatives from all over the world visit ABWA and meet our students explaining them about their college in details and the opportunities available in their institution. The career counselling department also invites university professors, admission officers and alumni to speak to the students on topics ranging from essay writing, college life, college interviews etc.

ABWA students pursue their higher education in a host of countries including India, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hongkong, Australia, Ireland, Netherland, Germany, UAE and various other parts of Europe.

The ABWA philosophy of helping every student become a balanced and responsible adult through imbibing the core values of integrity, empathy, passion and seamlessness is the core of the career counsellors approach to guiding each student through their college planning. Thus making the students confident that the education and college guidance received in ABWA will pave their way to a successful journey into the future.

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