Western Dance
Each year, the senior students of ABWA get a choice among Contemporary, Jazz and Tap dance to complete their academic year. For contemporary dance form we use Modern dance techniques of Horton, Release, and Cunningham to create a fun and exciting syllabus that will give them a good foundation to express themselves through contemporary movement. We use Vernacular Jazz and Tap dance to help the children grow in their musicality, strength, self expression and skill. 
Western Music
The Western Music class is for training an ensemble in search of a school band. This courses are customised to student requirements, developing a love for music in our students, honing their talents and helping them perform, and most of all, having fun while making music.
Yoga brings balance in body, mind & intellect. The focus of the asanas is not only to develop the physical strength but improve their flexibilty, focus & fluidity( in the thought process). Pranayama will help to regulate their breathing pattern and strenthen their lungs for optimal breathing capacity.
At the Theatre program students will dive into the wide range of theatre genres and cultures across the globe. Through various activities  and intensive theatre games they will engage in imaginatve play using a range of stimuli and focus on various features like understanding characters, developing plots, experimenting with body movements, speech and expression.
Physical Education
All Physical Education (PE) activities focus on teaching students the basic of each sports providing them the knowledge and skill to perform various sports activities. PE classes are interactive to create competent,literate and enthusiastic sportspersons.


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