The programmes are geared towards performances where students will have to create music, perform for audiences and work on projects to showcase their learning, critical thinking, collaboration skills, passion for music and talent through the year. This programme includes a lot of fun, light, interaction and performance based approach
The idea of incorporating the world famous Martial Arts of Karate to the students is to inculcate a sense of self control, confidence and to bring out and explore their hidden powers & talents, get physically fit, mentally alert and morally straight to protect themselves and their loved ones in this world of growing violence
Imagine a place where sparks fly from soldering irons, the whirring of gears fills the air, and lines of code breathe life into metal giants. This isn't science fiction; it's the vibrant reality of our school's Robotics Lab. The robotics lab isn't just about building robots; it's about building minds. It's a melting pot of STEM subjects, where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, come together to create tangible magic. Students learn coding, electronics, mechanics, and problem-solving skills, all while unleashing their creativity and innovation. The lab is more than just a classroom; it's a playground for the imagination. Here, students aren't limited by textbooks and tests. they're encouraged to experiment, fail, and try again, pusing the boundaries of what's possible.
Students will learn to understand and interpret 2 dimensional drawings to create three dimensional models. They will design and assemble model aircraft (free flight gliders). Students will investigate its effects of the control surfaces on the aircraft. and experiment with the forces acting on an aircraft. They will learn about different wing patterns and arrangements and how it affects the fight path. Finally, students will test the flight of their designed aircraft.
Learning language can help accelerate development of young minds is. Mandarin stimulates different parts of the brain, helps growth in motor skills, memorizing Chinese script and identifying them keeps the mind razor sharp
Stem and Coding Games
The STEM Program activities promote creativity, curiosity and imagination through either Do-It-Yourself challenges or critical thinking through puzzles. In the Coding Games course, students are taught using a simple graphical language – Scratch developed by MIT. With this course, students will be able to create and program their own interactive stories, creative animations and also wonderful games
Contemporary Dance, the students will learn the basics of Modern dance using ‘Release Technique, Horton Technique and Cunningham Movement’. Tap dance which is a uniquely American dance the students will learn, build upon their vocabulary, agility, rhythm confidence and body management
Skating improves dynamic balance, coordination & agility.  We ensure our students learn skating with lot of fun and games, while monitoring the student's performance and breaking down barriers of fear, thus creating a constructive environment for the needs and goals of the young skaters
Drone Making
Students will learn how to design and build drone. Understand the concept of multi-rotors. Learn to program the drones to control its fight path and fly it in different patterns. They will also understand the aero dynamical concepts such as lift, thrust, drag, etc. and different sensors such as gyro sensor, acceleration senor, etc.


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