school houses  

The school house Aryabhatta is named after India's most famous mathematician who pioneered the Hindu-Arabic number system which has become universal.

The sun is a symbol of supreme knowledge, warmth of love and tireless service. May the sun always guide our actions and shine through the storms of our heart. Science and spirituality must blend together to bring prosperity and peace.


The school house Chanakya is named after the famous economic and political strategist whose work, Arthashastra, is relevant even today.

The eye is a symbol of great vision in order to manifest our full potential. It also represents wisdom and alertness which influences all actions leading to holistic success.


The school house Vivekananda is named after the philosopher, thinker and spiritualist, Swami Vivekananda, who introduced eastern thought at the World's Parliament of Religions.

The spiral represents the unravelling mysteries of life. It is also a symbol of concentration and intuition. Lives of great men inspire us to think deeper and achieve supreme happiness.


The school house Kalidasa has been named after one of the most celebrated Sanskrit writers whose play Abhijnanashakuntalam, was among the first Sanskrit works to be translated into English.

The lotus symbolises the essence of ancient poetic expressions. The five petals are the five elements of nature that synchronise with the five senses of a human being.

student council  
Head Boy
Shourya Kanodia
Head Girl
Devashree Sanghvi
School Captain
Hastiv sanghvi
School Captain
Mihika Kela
Sports Captain
Aadi Sogani
Sports Captain
Enaya Golecha
Cultural Captain
Devansh Shah
Smriti Ramakrishnan
Daksh Goel
Live Wire
Siya Aggarwal
Live Wire
Saanvi Dak
House Captain
Shaivi Kothari
House Captain
Aria Jasdanwalla
Vice - Captain
Tara Shah
House Captain
Tvisha Prabhu
House Captain
Ishaan Tulsian
Vice - Captain
Ishaan Bhartiya
House Captain
Gia Narang
House Captain
Ishaanee Garg
Vice - Captain
Agastya Kothari
House Captain
Deeva Nirav Vora
House Captain
Kiyan Vora
Vice - Captain
Vedant Agarwal


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