The ABWA Pastoral Care Department strives to support an all-round development of the learners. At Aditya Birla World Academy, we believe that in order for learners to reach to their full potential they need to feel safe, valued and respected in their learning environment. Thus, their wellbeing plays a pivotal role in the school’s philosophy. We provide an environment and curriculum that challenges learners to achieve their highest potential and which develops knowledge, skills and resilience to be successful global citizens. Our school counsellors are a team of well qualified and trained mental health experts who work with learners individually and collectively to create a school climate that leads to healthy learning, living, and growth. The team works continuously with the parents, teachers and section heads to create a warm and caring environment for subsequent academic growth for each learner. We are firm advocates of confidentiality, which allows us to create harmonious as well as healthy interactions with all the stakeholders. Our counselling approach is preventive as well as responsive. In order to maintain a space of continuous social- emotional learning, the team also undertakes whole school activities such as a varied Wellness weeks and Global School Play Day.

Parental Counselling :- Counselling sessions are conducted for the parents not only when an issue that needs immediate intervention is brought to the forefront, but also if a personal matter may need guidance or support. This is because we believe that you, the parents, are our partners in education and what a child learns in school is only reinforced at home with the support of parents.

Parent Workshops - We conduct parent workshops across the school to help you enhance your relationship with your children, understand the changing needs of children at various developmental stages and incorporate research based strategies to manage behaviours at home. These have allowed for self-exploration and introspection within the parent body, once again creating a sense of belonging and compassion for each other.

Wellness Bulletin - The Pastoral Care Team stays connected with the parent body via the Wellness Bulletin, which is a quarterly newsletter sent to them over email. This newsletter introduces various concepts to parents related to individual and holistic wellness along with announcements about the upcoming pastoral initiatives.


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