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The Alpha Urbane Project MUN

The TAUPMUN was an amazing experience! The executive members were extremely friendly. Overall it was a spectacular experience for first munners and the introduced crisis made it way more interesting and intriguing!! I was honoured to win the best delegate award in my very first MUN and I will never forget this well spent weekend!
By Shrishti Kanungo 8A (Delegate of China – WHO)

The MUN was very enjoyable and fun. It was amazing 
By Sahil Koita (Delegate of Pakistan – WTO)

On the second day crises were introduced. A hypothetical situation was given and all delegates in the committee had to solve it. This quickly sped up the flow of ideas, however, arguments and cross-talk also increased. For me at least this was a completely novel idea and the biggest thing I learnt. On this day several interesting things occurred such as Ecuador kidnapping a delegate on American soil and Ecuador getting away from this scot free. 
Utsav Bagri Grade 11-IB (Delegate of Peru – UNODC )


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