"College counselling is a process and not a product". We "BEGIN" as early as Grade VIII, to help students follow their dreams and passions...and to believe in themselves. The Myntra we believe in is " One size does not fit ALL". Dr. Sonia Soni  (Head - Career Guidance Counselor)

Our Career Counselling team offers advice about future careers and provides guidance through the complexities of university admission procedures. The team meets each student individually and with the parents to assist them through the process. 
It is imperative that students choose their courses and universities with prudence to ensure that they will be content in their new academic environment. 

Aditya Birla World Academy (ABWA) is a SAT , ACT, PSAT and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. ABWA is also an approved centre for SAT SSD. We are proud to say that ABWA is the largest SAT centre in Mumbai

Trotting Around the Globe (TATG) is an initiative started by our Career Counselling Head way back in 2016 and it is being continued every year.. TATG is a fair held at ABWA once in a year wherein Universities all over the globe are invited to participate in the fair with the aim to help our students navigate best courses offered by them and to streamline their college application process. Last year around 50 Universities participated in this fair.

We are proud to announce and share with you the outstanding University placements obtained by our graduating Batch of 2020 consisting of students from the two curriculums, IBDP, and A LEVEL.

The Class of 2020, on an average, had an acceptance rate of 86% of their applications, and 36% of the class receiving funding of 61 scholarships from 35 universities which were a total of USD $ 31,29,992 over four years.

The maximum number of students have been offered a place by the university of their first choice and to some the university of their top two choices.

Students have gained 279 offers of acceptance at 113 universities across 9 countries:    

On that note it’s a pleasure to say that our Batch of 2020, has not only made us proud but have set a great example for the juniors to follow the lead and raise the bars higher and continue to make the school more proud- as truly said "our placements are becoming better and better each year."

Here are some of the finest educational institutions in the world over the years that our students have succeeded in securing admissions:

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