Zero Period  
Grade 3

The children from the NGO Aakanksha (which is the Mahalaxmi Mumbai Public school at Bhulabhai Desai Road) visited our school and had an interactive session with our Grade 3 students. Our students had made posters and had put them up around the school to create awareness about their community service project during the Zero Period.  They also announced on the PA system and during the Assemblies.

“shared that he felt quite empathetic towards the children from Akanksha as he feels that they face many more difficulties than us. He also shared that the children from Akanksha were quite friendly.”
“I was delighted when his friend Guarav from Akanksha came to our school. He was very kind and caring. All the Akanksha kids were very nice. This was one of the most memorable experience of this year.”
“I thought that the children from Akanksha were quite confident and some of them were trying to communicate in English. ”
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