Grade 7

As part of their community service project, the students of grade 7 visited WSD, situated in Mahalakshmi, Mumbai. Prior to the visit, the students had an introductory session conducted by 2 representatives from WSD - Mr. Abodh and Ms. Dharmita. This was a very helpful and interactive session which put many students' minds at ease as far as safety was concerned.

Students were asked to donate newspapers and Marie biscuits/dog food. Students of grade 11 met the students of grade 7 during homeroom to talk about their own experiences at WSD as part of their CAS activities. They had some wise advice to give to their juniors, and the session was of further help to all the students, especially those who were scared of stray dogs.

All the students got the opportunity to walk a dog, bathe it, feed and understand how the NGO functions. They also interacted with the volunteers there, and gained valuable first hand insight into the plight of the animals and the measures taken to help them. Donations of newspapers and dog biscuits were much appreciated and the latter were eagerly lapped up by the happy dogs!

By the end of this action-filled hour, even those students who were quite afraid to go near the animals in the beginning enthusiastically participated in walking and petting them.
This was definitely a great opportunity for the kids to learn to become good human beings.

“We visited WSD on the 1st of December 2016. The grade was split into two batches. My batch was the second one. The road to WSD was not that appealing but in the end we had the time of our lives. As we reached there we were assigned dogs to walk around the compound. Before that we took a tour of the facility. There were 3 sections the dogs were sorted into - the airport dogs, the abandoned dogs and the dogs that there for treatment and were open to adoption. I walked Donald, an Indian breed and my best friend walked Sakshi. All the dogs were open for free adoption and sponsorship. There were many volunteers to help us while we were feeding the dogs. We also bathed Donald and cleaned him with a towel. There were also cats present there. Also many of us lost our fear of cats and dogs. It was a memorable experience and we hope that many of our friends get adopted before we visit the facility next time.”
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