Visit to Balwadi  
Grade 10

The students had visited the balwadis and Study Centre which is taken care by the NGO- Save the children India. The Balwadi provide India’s 3-5 year-olds with a place and programme for learning. In the cities, children from low-income families often don’t have access to private schools. Balwadis bring preschool to children and families who need it the most. The balwadi classes help build the social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills of the children which can help them adjust to the school environment later on.

The students were given details about the kind of Children and the age group they will have to cater to when they visit the Balwadi/study centre. Simoni and Shrey from Grade 11  IB were coordinating the project. They meting the representatives from 'Save the Children for India' and a programme was chalked out. They also met the CRs for further preparations. Students formed two groups based on the activities to be carried out. Instructions were given and they were sensitized to the needs of the special needs children.

Two activities were- serving lunch in the canteen and making Diwali decorations.

“The trip to the NGO was heart touching. We realized how lucky with the facilities that we have and are very thankful”
“We are very thankful and grateful to 'Save the Children India' for giving us this oppurtunity to meet such humble people. It was great communicating with the special needs students without any words but only with our actions.”
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