The Vatsalya Foundation  
Grade 5

The students visited Vatsalya Foundation, Anand Niketan, Mahalaxmi on 21st October. Prior to the visit, announcements were made at the Senior School assembly to spread awareness on ‘The Vatsalya Foundation’. Students urged their peers to donate old clothes generously for the noble cause.

They displayed creative posters all around the school to spread awareness for their project. Students urged their peers to donate old clothes generously for the noble cause.

Our students sang the song, ‘Aashayein’, for the children at The Vatsalya Foundation. This encouraged the children of The Vatsalya Foundation to come up in groups and sing songs. The children from Vatsalya Foundation sang an English song, 'When You're Happy and You Know It'. Finally, our children donated their collection with a great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. 

Students from Vatsalya Foundation introduced themselves and spoke about their experiences ad their journey of their life. They shared their struggles and success stories which sensitized our students. The students from Vatsalya foundation also shared about how they celebrate a 'No cracker' Diwali and encouraged our students to do so too.

“I enjoyed interacting with the children. In future I will visit such NGOs with my parents and volunteer to help these under privileged children.”
“I learnt that though the journey of the children at The Vatsalya Foundation is so tough, they are so positive. I learnt to be positive and hopeful.”
“I can never forget their warm smile when they greeted us.”
“We should visit them frequently so that we make friends.”
“I will visit such NGOs and interact with the children there and donate clothes, books, stationery and shoes.”
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