Sharing and Caring Week  
Grade H.KG

On account of Valentine Day from 10th- 14th February, it was decided that we involve our H KG students to share joy and happiness to their helpers. Therefore, we carried out the Caring and Sharing week The HKG children made posters related to the community service project and they were displayed on soft boards around the school. There were 2 students appointed to speak about the 'Sharing and Caring Week' during the Pre-Primary, Junior and Senior School assemblies and how they were going to help out in their own little way.

“I gave my helpers tea and snacks because they help me all the time”
“Sheetal Didi always keeps my milk ready in the afternoon when I wake up from my nap, so today I made tea for her and kept it ready in the afternoon for her. Didi was very happy to get tea and I was happy making it for didi”
“I treated the slum children to some fruits and sweets. The smile on their faces made me feel nice and happy.”
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