Right to Play  
Grade 2

The students joined hands with the NGO- Toybank which has its collection centre at Mahalaxmi. The students were briefed about the working of the Toybank and were sensitized by a member of the NGO. They made announcements during the Assemblies and the PA System in school as well as put up posters for the same.

They requested for educational and soft toys to be donated which would go to the children who cannot afford to buy them. They also kept everyone informed about a few guidelines that had to be followed for the donations of the above mentioned things.

Their goals were -

- To impart value education and teach empathy to children through play.

- To design and thus provide toys that will be context specific, by having toys in local languages as well.

- To create an awareness of the ‘Right to Play’ for all children.

The toys that were collected were distributed not only to Toybank but also to the school that had been visited by our Grade 9 students during their Educational tour.

“I was very happy to collect and donate toys for the poor children. It gave me a warm and fluffy feeling. was happy my toys were in use.”
“I collected toys with my friends for the underprivileged children. I generally donate all my old clothes, books and toys to NGO's. I also celebrate by birthday sometimes donating stationary to the orphans”
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