Global Perspectives Trip  
6 tO 10

As part of their coursework for Global Perspectives, students traveled to Hyderabad to attend the Nature Turks Young Naturalist Program.  There they explored the themes of water, food, and agriculture; sports and recreation; and tradition and culture.  Students looked closely at the integral role different species play in the ecosystem, food wastage, organic gardening, traditional sports and cooking methods.  Finally, they had the opportunity to interview locals about the aforementioned topics.  This experience will culminate with the students raising awareness about one of the topics and writing a detailed reflection about that experience. 

Report by: Student Name and Class

Shayaan Bilawala 9A:
It was an experience for us south Bombay children.
We had to wake up early in the morning and eat food we weren’t used to however this trip taught us many values and skills. Overall this trip was very useful and we gained a lot of knowledge for our group project which will be vital when we start collating all the information to one PPT. Many of us had a fear of insects and creepy crawlers as the city people say but we learned how to overcome that and deal with the problem, it truly was a real eye opener for me, especially the harsh conditions that the villagers live in really taught me a life lesson that we should be happy with what we have instead of crib about what we do not have.

Aara Mehrelly 9A:
Overall the trip was an engaging and new experience that i would indulge in again if i could. The activities that were planned for us were interesting and well carried out making this trip extra special. I enjoyed the sports part of it which really brought out the importance of team work. Another thing that stood out would be the ecosystem awareness activities which made us aware of the wastage that the average household is part of, therefore making us realize the importance of conserving these resources in order to live sustainably and ethically. I learnt a lot about snakes which was different and made easy and fun for us students. The food was filled with Hyderabad’s rich spices and you could taste the freshness of all the ingredients that the talented chefs put together to create mouth-watering meals for us. Although the camp was filled with insects and small animals, we were fortunate enough to witness creatures like scorpions and frogs in the middle of the night in their natural habitat. What I loved about this trip would be the fact all of us GP students really got valuable information out of this trip that would really help us in the team project along with learning a lot about each other while carrying out these activities. 

Advaitesha Birla 9A:
My expectation from the trip was very different from what actually happened in reality. I thought that the trip would be majorly oriented around physical and adventurous activities. However, the blend was done so beautifully that everyone got the opportunity to engage in something they love. The amount of knowledge I absorbed during the trip is so vast. Even though the days were long and cumbersome, there was something in the air that kept me going. Being so closely connected to nature completely rejuvenated me and more over gave me a sense of gratitude and gratefulness. For me, the highlight of the trip was for sure interacting with the children in the village. It was a key factor for our group project and we gained so much important information. Talking to the young boys and girls about sports they play and actually watching them play those sports was very cathartic. Seeing them enjoy the simple pleasures of life reminded me about the importance of sometimes taking a step back and just enjoying life. 

Siddhant Goenka – 9B:
All our sessions were extremely well planned out. Waking us up early every morning gave us an idea of how early nature actually wakes up as nature was always up before us. The sessions were well spaced out giving us enough mind to cool down. Most of the information gained helped my group and I decide an area of topic which we all liked and agreed upon. The food available was nutritious and no tuck at all was required as we were provided with a balanced diet. The observation walks in the morning and night were the best experience of the trip for me as we explored the wildlife and nature which we barely ever get a chance to do in urban areas. All in all, the trip was extremely refreshing and useful in helping us decide our team project topics.