Edu-tour in Satpura  
Grade 9

Grade 9 conducted their community service projects on January 28 and 29 during their Edu-tour in Satpura, Madhya Pradesh. It consisted of 2 main activities:

  1. creating a toy library in a village school.
  2. building smokeless eco-friendly ‘chulhas’ (cooking ranges) in the village homes.

For the Toy library: Students held a toy collection drive in our school through the month of January. Before their departure to Satpura, a few students segregated the toys ensuring that they were age appropriate (as the library was being set up for primary students of Grades 1-4 and packed them for the journey.

Once there, the students visited a small school in a village where they received a warm welcome and hand-picked flowers from the little children. Our students divided themselves into smaller groups and interacted with the local children in different ways: some played numerous rounds of dodge-ball with them, others taught them how to make origami birds with their names of it and then used these birds to decorate the toy library, while other students read stories or taught the children how to use the toys that were being donated.

After an hour and half of fun and laughter amongst all, the students returned with sweet memories of an evening well-spent. As one of the students, Vanshika Shroff, reflected: “After this experience, I realize how privileged my life is and how much I should be grateful for. I’m so happy right now!”

For smokeless 'chulhas' - The students began their morning by walking to a nearby village
and visiting a local home to learn what a smokeless chulha looks like, how it functions and how it is beneficial to the villagers. They then gathered in an open field where the instructor demonstrated how the bricks are to be placed and layered in order for the completed chulha to work properly. After a few mock trials by the students, work began on the actual chulha making in a home nearby.

The students divided themselves in two groups: one in charge of the brick placement and layering and the other looking after the clay work. Both teams of students worked in tandem for three hours eagerly awaiting the finished product. When they finally finished, the lady of the house placed some firewood in the chulha and two pans on it, and lit the firewood. Everyone waited with bated breath to see if their project had been successful. When the smoke from the chulha rose through the chimney and left the roof of the house, the students erupted in joyful cheers. Mission accomplished!