Community Service Grade 8 - Visit to Snehasadan  

For the community service project of Grade 8 this year, a meeting was held with the Grade 8 CRs with our Convener Ms. Michelle and the Grade 8 homeroom teachers to intimate them about our visit to Snehasadan – an orphanage in Andheri East. After the meeting, grade 8 parents and students were informed by the CRs of the visit to Snehasadan at the start of the academic year. All parents geared up and collected the required materials for both the orphanages- writing pads, sanitary items for girls, grains, stationery, towels, board games, toiletries, food items etc. On the morning of 10th Feb 2019, the teachers along with students of Grade 8 boarded 2 buses- boys visited the boys’ orphanage and girls visited the Girls’ orphanage, both located at Andheri (East). Students also carried sandwiches, cakes and juice/milk tetra-paks for the children. In the girls’ orphanage, the children did an introduction first and shared their hobbies with each other. The students of ABWA had planned a dance performance, a song performance and art and craft activities such as making bookmarks, cards, paintings etc. They executed all these tasks with a lot of gusto and excitement. A cake was cut to celebrate Sanjna’s birthday too. In the boys’ orphanage, they all played football together, danced on songs and got to know each other better. They shared snacks with the boys too after an introduction session. Samiksh Shah from 8B also cut his birthday cake and celebrated amidst the laughter and joy in the room. Overall, it was a truly touching and memorable experience. Our students were overwhelmed by the warm reception of the kids staying in Snehasadan and this kind of interaction truly sensitized our students towards greater causes in our society. They have promised to go back and meet their new friends in Snehasadan! 

Report by: 
Vriddhi Goenka (8B): The community service was very unique and I learnt a lot through it. At first I was pretty unhappy that it was on a Sunday, but when I went there I felt so blessed. Meeting everybody out there made me so happy because it was really inspiring how I could see smiles even though they must have had a rough past. I made several friends and we shared many thoughts to each other, and through this I realized that community services are actually very beneficial. I loved visiting the Snehasadan and I promised the girls that I would visit again!

Adit Agarwal (8B): It was a lot of fun with them and it was an experience that I will never forget. This finally made me feel like I was giving back to community and not only take from the community. I met a lot of fun people over there and will always remember them.

Zahaan Bafna (8A)
The community service was a memorable experience and I will take a lot back from it especially the joy of giving back to society and even getting new perspectives from different backgrounds. They even taught us new skills like gratitude for little things and joy for any gesture. It was loads of fun playing football with them. On the whole it was an amazing trip I wont forget.