Christmas celebration at Anthony's Old age Home  
Grade 6

The students visited the Old Age Home at Bandra (At Anthony’s Home). It was tough for them to plan activities which will bring cheer and joy in the lives of the Senior Citizens. They did put up a dance performance. They then played Bingo with them and distributed prizes to the lucky winners. The best was when our students sang Christmas Carols and one of the Sirs dressed as Santa Claus gave them gifts. One of the bubbly ladies from the Old Age Home gave a farewell speech.

“On the 16th December, 2016 we visited the St. Anthony's Old age home. It was a new but an amazing experience for us. The people out there very sweet and kind to us. We made them very happy and that makes me very happy, that I was able to put a smile on someone's face. We danced, sand and played games with them. They loved it so much that some of them even joined us when we sang Christmas carols I guess, one of their absolute favorite moment was when our teacher Swapnil Sir dressed up as Santa Claus for them. I felt really very happy when I saw the smile on their faces when I was distributing goodie bags to everyone. They were really kind to us and appreciated our efforts. In the end, an old lady who was a teacher gave us a speech thanking us and showing her gratitude. They wished us all the best for our exams and blessed us. I truly felt blessed and full of happiness I was kind of disappointed when our short visit came to an end. The day was a very memorable one.”
“We visited St. Anthony's Old age home on 16th December. When we reached there we experienced a warm welcome from them. They were looking forward for our performance and the exciting things we were going to do to gear them up. We performed a dance and sing songs and Christmas carols. They sung along with us and loved our performances. When we were playing housie, they all were very excited and fascinated but at the same time they also wanted us to be comfortable and feel safe with them. I was very happy to see smiles on their faces especially when Santa came and gave them gifts. The speech at the last was very emotional and helped us give boosters and I wish I can come again and perform for them, also see smiles on their face to make their lives happy.”
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