Grade 4

GR 4 visited Adapt (Spastics Society) in the month of September. Prior to the project, the teacher had sensitized the students about their interaction with the children at ADAPT. To this effect, Grade 4 students made an announcement about the community service on the PA system as well as during assemblies.

At ADAPT, our students performed a dance and sang a song for them. They visited their classrooms and engaged them in drawing and colouring. Finally, they donated their collection with a great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

“I was really excited to go to ADAPT for our Community service. The visit to ADAPT was different from other field trips since it was a part of Community Service and there is always happiness that is attached to the service of mankind for the heart that gives and gathers joy. We reached the centre with our 'Smile cartons' for the children with special needs. When we entered the premises, I was happy to see that all children have equal access to education, where no door is shut because the child is poor or with special needs. We all began by mingling with the nursery children. We entertained the little children by singing 'Wake me up' for them. They informed us about their efforts to learn English. We then proceeded to the junior section where the children with special needs were given special apparatus and furniture to learn. Then we interacted with eight children from the senior section who were masters in Art and each possessed a unique quality and talent. As I finished the colouring activity, I realised that there is nothing in life that is impossible so never say never!”
“On Friday, 9th of September, 2016, as a part of our Community service, we went to ADAPT at Colaba. ADAPT was founded by Dr. Mithu Alur in the year 1972 for the children with special needs. ADAPT provides inclusive education to children with special needs. It provides counselling, therapy, vocational training to them. My visit to ADAPT taught me two things. Firstly, I learnt that physical appearances and disabilities should not distinguish children and that each child is similar and different in their own way. Secondly, I also learnt that we need to have empathy towards differences among people. The trip brought a few changes in my way of thinking. The next time I see a child with special needs, I will take some action to help the child. I will have an inclusive behaviour while learning and interacting with children with special needs. The reason we are interacting with them is that we realize that they are not different from others. We are all a part of the same planet and we all should be happy with what we have.”
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