NEAMC 2019
17th -19th October 2019
10:00 AM
Grade Senior Grades
Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur

Report by:   Komal Upadhyaya

The WMC Seniors’ qualifier competition (NEAMC) was hosted by the Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur from 17th October to 19th October. The students (Ojasvi Tewari, Kanupriya Khemani, Devashree Goenka, Ishika Tulsian, Siddharth Singh and Shivank Agarwal) and the teacher in-charge (Ms. Komal Upadhyaya) left for Kuala Lumpur on the evening of 16th October and reached the next morning to the hotel. The inaugural function for the event was scheduled at 5:30 pm on 17th October. 177 students from 29 different schools in Asia participated in the competition.

The competition began with an ice breaker activity where the students played a fun mathematical game on Kahoot after which they had to compete with each other in the Innovation round in their buddy teams. Buddy teams comprised students from different schools. This activity enabled the students to interact with other students and also tested their collaboration skills. They were then briefed about the different rounds of the competition which were to take place over the next two days. The children then proceeded for dinner in the adjacent mall and retired for dinner.

On 18th October, the students had breakfast at 6 am and were then taken in buses to the venue of the hosting school. The children were briefed about the safety procedures and general rules of the school. They then competed in their own teams in a round of Pursuit. In this round, the two students had to solve the questions given to them while the third team member had to run to submit the answers to the adjudicators seated in different corners of the sports hall where the round was conducted. After this the students had to compete one on one with random opponents in the Duel heat. In this round the students played an interesting game of picking out sticks from a set arrangement, where the person picking the last stick would lose the game. After this round the students were released for a short break.

The students then competed in the Mathematician round wherein they were expected to solve a set of questions individually. The final round before the lunch break was Inspiration 2 where the students in their own teams presented the question that they had framed as part of Inspiration 1 before the start of the 3-day competition. Their presentation was marked by the remaining teams based on a set rubric. Post lunch the students participated in Inspiration 3 wherein they had to solve questions framed by the other teams in their group. At the end of this day, the students had to make posters on two open ended questions that they were posed with. This round was hence called Open. The students were then transported back to the hotel where they had dinner and went off to bed.

Day 3 began with the individual round Codebreaker in which the students had to figure terms of a pattern, one term at a time. After the next round; Lightning, again played in their buddy teams, the students had a short break. They then competed in the team round, Shuttle in which they had to pass their answers to their teammates which had to be used to answer the next question and passed back and so on. After lunch there was another round of the Duel heat and WMC organizers did not change anything in this round this time from the previous duel. The last round of the competition was the Codebreaker finals. Only the top scores of the qualifier of this round competed in this round. The students were transported back to the hotel where the Gala celebration was organized.

The students were expected to be dressed in formal attire for the evening celebration cum prize distribution. The students were awarded the bronze, silver and gold medals in 6 different categories viz. knowledge, strategy, creativity, challenge, collaboration and communication. Our student, Kanupriya Khemani, bagged a silver medal in the collaboration category. Dinner was served at the hotel and there was also a photo booth. 

The entire competition was meticulously organized by the hosting school and all three days were very smooth. The kids had an enriching experience and they learnt a lot. They also made many new friends from different countries. The students boarded an evening flight on the 20th of October and reached Mumbai at midnight where they were handed over to their respective parents.

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