Thanksgiving Day
08:50 AM
Aditya Birla world Academy - Classrooms

Thanksgiving is a day to thank one and all. A prayer of thanks is said, especially on this day, to be grateful for what all you have received in the past year.  
Thanksgiving helps in-still the feeling of gratitude for what we have and the spirit of reciprocating kindness in our students. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the objective of sensitising our students on how to be content with what they have and how to share, even if it is a little bit, with someone so that they can make their day. One of the biggest gifts we receive are the people in our lives. Junior school used their creative side and made cards for the person they were grateful for while Senior school wrote one thing they appreciated and liked in one of their fellow school mates which made them realize that everyone has one attribute you could learn from and appreciate.

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