Marathi Bhasha Din
27th Feb.2019
10:00 AM
Grade 1,2,3,4,5
Auditorium ground floor

On February 27, Aditya Birla Word Academy’s Junior School conducted a special assembly to celebrate Marathi Bhasha Din. Children shared information about the great Marathi poet, Kusumagraj, they sang to the tunes of Marathi songs and enthusiastically participated in various class activities. In Grade 1, they played match the pair and learnt how to count numbers in Marathi; in Grade 2, they made a fruit puzzle after finding their names, drawing them and colouring them; in Grade 3, they identified pictures and unscrambled words; in Grade 4, they played a crossword; and, in Grade 5, there was a session held on ‘Marathi and Me’. Language acquisition plays a huge role in a child’s development, and along with the languages that are already offered (English, French, Spanish, Hindi), we believe that it is important for the children to know basic Marathi, our state’s language. We hope that the sessions were educational, helpful and fun for all.

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