Inter House IT (Digital) Competition 2019
22-26th April 2019
11:00 AM
Grade 1,2,3,4,5
School premises Mini Bytes

As said by Steve Jobs:
“Computers themselves and software yet to be developed will revolutionize the way we learn”  

Taking this thought further, we held our second Inter House IT (Digital) Competition between 22nd April and 26th April 2019. Each grade had an hour and twenty minutes to complete a criteria based assignment related to one of their units. The criteria given were detailed and were made available to the students a month prior to the competition. Therefore, all our computer whiz kids were not alone excited but were well prepared for this exciting week!
Our judges had a difficult time selecting between; 

  • Grade 1's master pieces in MS Paint
  • Grade 2's attractive PowerPoints 
  • Grade 3's clear, concise and creative Word documents
  • Grade 4's effective and well-timed PowerPoints 
  • Last but not the least, professional Movie Maker Videos made by Grade 5.

Although each and every student put in tremendous efforts, the judges narrowed down the results to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and consolation prize.   

Three cheers to the Inter House Spirit which made this competition a roaring success!Congratulations to the winners of the Junior School Inter House IT (Digital) Competition 2018-19!

Grade Position Name of the student House
1 1st Inaaya Patel        Vivekananda    
1 2nd Aarna Maheshwari           Aryabhatta    
1 3rd Ishanvi Chamria           Vivekananda    
1 Consolation Vivan Sheth     Aryabhatta
2 1st Tanish Satpal      Aryabhaata                
2 2nd Anirudh Jatia    Kalidasa
2 3rd Dhanvin Shroff     Chanayka
2 Consolation Jehaan Tulsiani     Aryabhatta
3 1st Kushagr Aggarwal     Kalidasa
3 2nd Vir Rastogi       Aryabhatta
3 3rd Tanishi Nemani     Kalidasa
3 Consolation Twisha Gohil    Kalidasa
4 1st Rivaan Dalal    Vivekananda
4 2nd Lavanya Gupta     Kalidasa
4 3rd Shivaan Bhatia     Chanakya
4 Consolation Rhea Todarwal     Kalidasa
5 1st Swayam Vora     Chanakya
5 2nd Adi Rupani     Vivekananda
5 3rd Advika Jain     Aryabhatta
5 Consolation Theia Vora     Vivekananda


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