Grade 9- Edu tour
14th January 2020
10:00 AM
Grade 9
Jehan numa retreat campus, Bhopal

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a fresh spread of delectable goodies, which was a warm welcome after our long journey. We indulged in the food, almost as much as we did in conversation, excited chatter rolling off the campus hills. The Jehan numa retreat campus in Bhopal was sprawling and the entire vast expanse of space was carpeted in thick fog and a light drizzle. After breakfast, our class retreated into their respective assigned rooms and unwound for a bit until we were all called outside for a treasure hunt conducted to help us acquaint ourselves with the luxurious campus. This was followed by the winning group feasting on their treasure (marshmallows) while the rest of us enjoyed some old school games that brought back waves of nostalgia. The day came to an end after a trip to a local museum, which was both informative and fun. The next day our entire class departed to arrive at the Reni pani lodge after around 5 hours of driving. A few of us were taken on three safaris that enabled us to explore satpuras astounding flora, fauna and come across some wildlife as well. The other half of students were lead into the forest for a rigorous trek at the end of which they pitched tents and set up camp. The following day the groups were allowed to experience what the other students had the previous day, and finally the trip reached its end. All along, the edutour this year allowed ninth grade students several learning experiences as well as bonding opportunities. Our grade was brought closer together in an environment that was fun filled but relaxed at the same time and the overall experience was one each and every ninth grader is unlikely to forget. 

This edu tour was spectacular. From the properties to the adventures, everything was a new experience. On the first day shortly after arriving we were taken to a tribal museum where’s we learnt about the culture in Bhopal and it was a very enriching learning experience. After proceeding  back from the museum we got a break until it was time for our treasure hunt. This hunt was fun except for the fact that life is unfair and some teams cheated their way to the prize. After waking up early the next morning we shifted to Satpura in the middle of the jungle. We were surrounded by greenery and wildlife. The atmosphere was amazing. On the first day I went camping. Where we learnt how place a camera capture for wildlife and pitch our own tents. At night we sat next to the campfire and all of us bonded about how we could make the bonfire more entertaining. Sleeping in the tents though was quite challenging as the night was cold and there were many insects. At night we went for the safari and saw animals of all types from a majestic owl to the Indian byson. This safari took place in the night and was a great experience, the next mornings safari however was even better. As we went to the core region of the jungle where we saw elephants, boats, deers etc. It was as if we were living with them. But my favourite part of the entire trip was the bus rides as we all laughed and enjoyed spending quality time with each other and irritating the teachers with music. Overall I loved this edu tour more than any before (as I’ve only been on two).

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