Grade 7 Edutour to Wada
January 14-17 2020
10:00 AM
Grade 7

The ‘Real World Learning Environment’ is synonymous to our Edutours, each year as they not just spark curiosity in students, but also establish connections to curriculum. There is room to be strategic and creative as we bring our learning goals to life and have fun with application of knowledge in real life situations mingled with a perfect mix of understanding our own strengths, bonding with our peers in out of comfort zones away from our near and dear ones.

This year, like every year, our edutour was a stunning quintessential one as it encapsulated social and moral principles into education and was truly a watermark moment for us. Our trip to Wada, a bus ride of around 3 hours began in the early hours of morning with enthusiasm as many preferred utilizing travel time with cards and non-stop chatting, to a couple of them recharging their minds for future brainstorming with short naps. All thanks to the rule of no gadgets, it seemed like we all lived lives that had enough time to leisure and to give an eye to the fascinating world of nature with its mesmerizing beauty, all of which is compromised and limited otherwise only to click pictures. As we reached our camp site with our bounties of excitement, we were introduced to a Pyramid rule to be always followed while on camp. Post orientation, we had our lunch comprising of nutrients in varied colours and health values, each boosting our vigour and energy levels to the optimum. Post lunch we were split into two groups. Freedom was compromised in selecting the team mates. However, independence was at its peak as we gave a range of funny names as suggestions for our team names. Finally, ‘Chicken Chor’ and ‘Marvellous Potatoes’ received consensus as two teams for this edutour. The evening was spent enthusiastically scoring goals in a football match while others fascinated by cricket hit wickets or played dodgeball. Post the group time with endless chatting, we had our scrumptious dinner and headed to our dorms for bed time. With lights out rule at 9.30 pm, I was ready to retire unaware about the prank plans of a few. Finally, with lights out at 11 pm, I slept like a dead man. Power cuts at around 3 am woke me up but exhaustion took great care of my sleep only to be woken up by the wakeup call at around 6.30 am.

The power up fun games were entertaining with games like Dragon’s tail arousing not just enthusiasm but strategic application. Our group ‘The marvellous Potatoes’ headed for rafting at around 10 a.m. As we build our rafts, we applied our physics to real life, balancing the weight on all sides, calculating the force of the moving water to determine the most crucial position in the raft to withhold pressure. Our fantastic knowledge and its application had us leading way ahead of the other three contenders, our turns were swift but destinies were hard. One of our team mates fell off the raft and this warranted our need to help him rather than rush to win. We understood a real life mantra-to rush for success, don’t crush your emotions. A huge smile and a big thank you was enough for us to celebrate. We completed our task and as we all jumped together close to the finish line, we rejoiced being the last ones. The lesson we learnt- Life can be unpredictable at times but happiness is not. That surely is up to you to keep your spirit high. While learning about seven steps of leave no trace during our wilderness trek, we literally forgot that it’s going to be dark soon. It seemed like a long walk in the dark amidst the stars as we headed to our camp site.

The third day was fun with zip lining, low ropes course and dairy farming experience for our group while the second group took turns for rafting. The helter skelter games and Inme Olympics with tic tac toe, hunter rabbit wall, mad ads and shoe game entertained us. Our brains soaked in the knowledge about constellations and satellites with star gazing in the night light. I feel somehow the music of nature turns deaf in the city lives but field trips or excursions like this get us close to Mother Earth and I wholeheartedly thank my school and teachers for making this possible. We know how hard the teachers have worked on this, their vigilance in monitoring discipline, their enthusiasm in participating and their commitment to keep children engaged in a happy environment is truly commendable. Words cannot express our gratitude for all they have done to make this trip a truly commendable one. Cheers to team ABWA!!!

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