Grade 6 Edu tour
14th to 17th January 2020
10:00 AM
Grade 6

Edutour is one of the most awaited events of the school year. This year, Grade 6 went for an edu tour to a campsite near Panchgani. Ms. Jayshree Kotak, Ms. Poonam Sharma, Mr. Anish Khan and Mr. Dwayne D’Costa assisted the students on the trip. It was an adventure trip where children were exposed to a lot of outdoor activities like Rappelling, Low Rope Courses, Caving and Trekking. The tour had a perfect balance of outdoor activities and fun games like ‘Helter Skelter’, 'French Forkball' and playing with ‘Frisbee’. On the trip, our day started with Chhota Hazari where children sang and did warm up exercises. Our days ended with star gazing and listening to the silence of the night. 

Having just stepped into the Middle School, students were encouraged to be independent. Not wasting a single morsel of food, and washing their own dishes were part of the regime followed at the campsite. 
Overall, it was fun trip where children created memories for life!

Report by Students

An Unforgettable Journey – Advika Jain

Edutour is one event that everybody looks forward to, and nobody wants to miss out on. This year, went for a trip to camp near Panchgani. We had to take a long seven-hour bus ride to the campus, but it was worth it when we reached.

Upon arriving at the campsite, we ate lunch, and were introduced to the instructors, campus, and rules. we enjoyed our evening playing football, Frisbee, and other such games, and later settled in our dorms to sleep. the following days started pretty early, and each day brought us some new adventures. On our first entire day, we did a low ropes course, Burma bridge, zip lines, and even went strawberry picking! The next day, we went caving and rappelling. It was a great experience, but a very painful one too. I got hurt a lot while caving, found some interesting insects, and found a few thorns on my leg during the trek. This did not bother me much, because after this trip, I have learned a lot, came over many of my fears, and became a whole new and better person all together. On the first night, we found a frog in the bathroom, and everyone was terrified. many of us were too scared to even enter the bathroom. By the end of the trip, we understood, that frogs are a part of nature, and the land that we were living on belonged to the wildlife, and not to us. 

The instructors checked our plates after every meal, to make sure we were not wasting even a single grain of rice. After our plates had been checked, we needed to wash them. Our first time was the hardest, as many people took too much food, and were not able to eat it all, but that was no excuse. Having done it a few times, I understood the feeling of self-satisfaction, being proud of myself for not wasting, and washing the plate. One of the highlights this trip was a game we were taught called 'French Forkball'. Every day, we begged the instructors if we could play. Another reason for why this trip is unforgettable, is the instructors. They were very approachable, made everything a lot more fun.

Lots of lessons were learned by all of us, about nature, about our fears, and about each other. I will never forget the fresh and delectable strawberries we ate, or the fun we had every day in the dorms. Nobody would forget our daily adventures and journeys. This truly was an unforgettable journey.


Edu Tour Reflection – Saveer  Solanki

Edutour is one of my most favourite event of the year and I am sure it is others’ too. This edutour was an amazing experience for me and even though there was a lot of travelling, I enjoyed it a lot. We started off at 6 o’clock on Tuesday and reached by lunchtime. The food over there was incredible, a lot better than I expected it to be. We reached and were told all about the rules and regulations of the camp. After the debriefing we were supposed to do an activity but missed out on it because of our misbehaviour. Later, in the evening, the boys played football while the girls played catch-catch and Frisbee. We ate dinner later on and were in bed by nine thirty. The next day we went for the ropes course, zip line and Burma bridge. It was an awesome experience for everyone, including Miss Jayshree and Miss Poonam who did the zip line and Burma bridge! Later, post lunch, we went for strawberry picking where we ate at least a dozen sweet strawberries each. Next we played a game in groups called Key Punch in the compound. After that we went to the field to play a game of French Forkball. After we were done with dinner, class wise, we wrote our expectations for the trip. Again we ate dinner and were asleep by nine thirty. We started of the next day with the Power Up where everyone let loose and sang their lungs out! After breakfast 6B (The Eagles) took off for a forty-five-minute trek to the mountain top for rappelling and cave exploration. Although both of them were terrifying, we all (including the teachers) completed them. We began our walk down after a few packets of biscuits. On our way down we stopped for ten minutes to just observe and listen to the nature. Later, on campus, we played Helter Skelter- INME Olympics. These lasted from post lunch to snack time and were a lot of fun. We ate dinner later and had a talent night where we saw hilarious and superb performances by our classmates. Since it was our last night, everyone stayed up half an hour late and were sound asleep by 10. We finished off our trip with closure experiences where we received our INME books. We left for home after an early lunch and everyone was excited to go home but at the same time sad to leave our temporary home. The services like the room and bathroom were much better than I expected. The rooms were very comfortable and the bathrooms very clean which made me feel right at home. Another reason I felt at home were because of the kind and at the same time, strict instructors. I think they had a very hard job handling us and even though it was hard they made us have a lot of fun. We learned a lot from this trip and wish the others are like this!!

Panchgani – INME – Seher Choksi

Edu tour takes us all on an unforgettable adventure each and every year. This time was no different.

The first official day started around 5:00 a.m. when we all gathered at school for our bus journey, more of a road trip actually. As we said our goodbyes to all of the parents, we headed for the bus. 

The bus ride was filled with laughter, chatting, singing and dancing. After a stop for breakfast, we were quite close to the Inme camp. Before we knew it, we had reached Panchgani.

When we arrived at the campus, we ate lunch and settled in our dorms. We couldn’t do many activities on Day 1, but we still had a blast playing football, dodgeball and Frisbee. The next day being our first, entire day was jam-packed with various activities and exercises. After breakfast, we did the low rope course as well as the Burma Bridge and zip lining. The highlights of the day were the Burma Bridge and learning new dances and steps while waiting in line. 

In the evening we went strawberry picking and played one of my favourite games ever, French Folk Ball (FFB). At dinner, we enjoyed the food with a little stargazing activity by Dwayne Sir. The following day was quite exciting. We had Rappelling and caving. They were two new experiences for me, which I thought were very memorable. The walk back from the mountain was tiring, yet enjoyable. Once we were back at the campus, we played a few games which boasted our confidence and highlighted ‘taking initiative’ in personal and group scenarios. The Helter Skelter games was one of the games which highlighted this. That night was the ‘Talent Show’ where the girls performed a dance, one of my peers, Rajdeep conducted a blind fold trick and the boys did a role-play. Later, we all danced and sang until we were forced to go to bed. 

The next day, we had a reflection of the trip and were separated into our classes for the bus ride. The bus ride was fun and we stopped for quick snack on our way back. Overall, the trip was an absolute blast. We shared so many memories that I will cherish forever. My favourites were FFB, my encounter with a frog and the bus ride. I truly cannot wait till my next edu tour.  

EduTour Essay – Svara Kasliwal
I laid there wide eyed, anxious for what was going to finally happen in just a few hours. I thought and thought about the different things we were going to do on our EduTour, where we’d sleep, what we’d see, what we’d eat! I imagined al sorts of things and occasionally let out a squeal. Finally, billions of giggles later, I caught a few hours of sleep and when my mother came to wake me, I was up and about, ready to go instead of moaning and sulking like any other day. I quickly went over my checklist to see if I had missed anything. After I got ready, we left for school where I reunited with my friends after 15 painful hours. Once I wished my parents goodbye, we left for our destination, Panchgani. 

After a long, tiresome 8-hour bus ride, we finally arrived at the Inme campsite. After being introduced to our instructors, we had an informative orientation regarding the rules and regulations of the camp. Later, we explored the dorms, picked out the bunks we wanted and freshened up for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing icebreaker games with the teachers as well as the instructors and the day ended with dinner and some chit chats before we slept.

The next day, we woke up at what seemed like the crack of dawn because the instructors had a very action-packed day planned for us. After breakfast, we went trekking up a mountain with massive, burdensome backpacks and at the summit we split ourselves into two groups. The group I was in went cave-exploring first, while the other went rappelling. We travelled through narrow crevices and walked into eerie, mysterious caves. After we finished exploring our last cave, we were brought to the summit again and were harnessed to go rappelling. I was quite scared at this point, but my fear was subdued by the support my friends and teachers gave me and the entire experience was thrilling! After a quick pitstop at camp for lunch we went strawberry picking at a local farm. Let me tell you, those strawberries were delicious, so red and juicy! Later, we were introduced to a new game called French folk ball and our very own Dwayne sir gave us a lesson on astronomy. We ended the night a quick dinner and hit the hay.

The following day, we woke to some power-up exercises taught in the manner of fun songs! We left for the low ropes course which happened to be an excellent team-building activity, where we learnt to trust one another during challenging times. Afterwards, we went to the high ropes course where we learnt about self-achievement. The highlight of the day was Helter-Skelter, Inme Olympics. After six tough games, my team, the blackjack, ended up winning the entire thing! After a much-needed break we regrouped for Talent night, where several of our students and teachers put up entertaining and exciting performances. Since this was our last night here, we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest by singing songs and dancing the rest of the night.

The last day we probably slept our longest as we got a late wake-up call. After freshening up we had a session to reflect upon our memories of this trip. We had a lot of free time to pack and relax for the long journey back home.

All in all, this trip was locked in my mind forever so as to never forget. We all made some great memories together and made new friends and gained a new perspective towards various things in life. By far…. BEST TRIP EVER!

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