Grade 11 IBDP Edutour
January 2020
10:00 AM
Grade 11 IBDP

This year, the students of grade 11 visited Kanatal, a beautiful hill station just a few hours away from the city of Dehradun. The trip was much awaited by all, it allowed the students to take on some exciting challenges, appreciate some remarkable landscapes and most of all, bond with each other!  

The trip was adventure oriented with exciting activities like rock climbing, tree jumaring and rappelling. Before taking on the challenge themselves, the students were introduced to the purpose of each fundamental equipment used in the activity. They also spent some time playing a few interesting team-building activities that helped strengthen the bond between the students and brighten their spirit on a cold, sleepy morning. While many found the activity tremendously difficult, there were a few who accomplished it fearlessly. The students cheered each other on throughout and encouraged their friends to make it to the top. It was truly an enthralling experience, every student was left with a lingering sense of joy and satisfaction of having completed the task and overcoming their fear. 

The goat village in Kanatal works towards sustainable development and improving the economy of the village to prevent the locals from migrating. Visiting the goat village was an eye-opener, it was inspiring to see how even small parts of the country are working towards saving the planet in their own unique way. The visit involved an excellent cultural integration too. The group was greeted with steaming cups of herbal tea and authentic Himalayan food, they also spent some time dancing to the upbeat music played by the locals. 

On day three, the students were all geared up for a long, blissful trek to the Surkunda Devi Temple. Just when the trek was about to begin, the weather decided to take on the role of being a party-pooper. Tiny snowflakes fell from the sky and the biting wind forced the group to turn back without completing their trek to the hilltop. Despite the disappointment and dejection amongst the students, there were countless beaming smiles after encountering snowfall for the very first time. The stunning landscape and the snow-clad pine trees were surreal, almost as if it were a fairy-tale. Although it was impossible to go on any further, the experience was spellbinding and certainly worth it. To make up for the cancelled plan and uplift some sulking faces, the students devoured some piping hot bowls of Maggi and warm cups of tea before making their way back to the hotel. 
The last day in Kanatal was spent indoors, the snowfall had been a charm but also an unanticipated obstacle that interfered with the other planned activities. The rope activities had been shut down and travelling through the snow to meet students from the goat village seemed impractical too. Nonetheless, the students were thrilled to spend their time tossing snowballs at each other, making snow angels and enjoying the breath taking snow-blanketed views from their hotel rooms. Despite the small mishaps, the snowfall was the highlight of the trip, it is what made everything so much more exciting and magical. The students returned home with a feeling of contentment after making the most of their time and enjoying the little things. 

-    Zobia Alam (Grade 11 IBDP Student)

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