Grade 11 AS level Edu Tour
January 2020
10:00 AM
Grade 11 AS Level

When we first got to see the itinerary for our edutour, we didn’t think that we’d get to have a firsthand experience of one of the most beautiful snowfalls ever nor did we think we’d get a chance to make some unforgettable memories with one another. The entire trip was absolutely thrilling; from trekking through snow-blanketed mountains to rappelling down a dangerous mountain, we did everything possible! Not only did we wake up to a bewitching view of the lush green mountains and the gorgeous sunrise but we also got the opportunity of hiking through mountains, helping one another and laughing with one another. The students and teachers got a chance to do ‘jumaring’ which is a form of rock climbing, rappelling and rope courses which tested our stamina and climbing skills. We also got a chance to interact with a local village where we not only spoke to students our age about their day-to-day life but also had a cultural immersion component on the traditional food of Uttarakhand that helped give us a better perspective of the region. All around, Kanatal was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and I cherished every single moment in that place; even if it was while shivering under my jacket or on top of a summit that faced a sparkling view of the setting sun.

~Juhi Sarvaiya

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