14-18th January 2019
10:00 AM

The students of Grade 11 went to Kanatal for their educational trip. As for us, this was one of the best school trips we have been during our schooling years. We learnt to appreciate our surroundings and admire the scenic countryside and the Himalayan range. In addition, being distant from our families, school work and technology was very much required; granting us the opportunity to bond with our friends. However, the highlight of this trip was the bitter cold climate that helped us escape the scorching heat of Mumbai.

The property we stayed at was phenomenal with a really courteous staff. It was beyond amazing of the organizers, teachers and the hotel staff to see that fresh Jain food was provided to those who needed it even though it was just one of us. This reflected how much the school cares about and values each of its student which is deeply appreciated by me and my parents. 
The teachers were always in a fun mood and were very amicable. They ensured that students were not too late while at the same time managed to maintain a chill environment.

We bonded a lot with our friends and started speaking to the ones whom we weren’t quite close to previously.
The volunteers were really sweet, always gave clear instructions and tried to see that we get all what we required and demanded for.However, I also believe there are barriers that can be overcome in our future excursions. Though we completely loved the trip, we think that it was quite short as travelling itself consumed two whole days. Hence, I believe the trip that can be stretched a bit longer the next time. Also, the two curriculums, IB and A Levels, were not able to spend much time as promised due to the busy schedules, leaving us dissatisfied.Overall, a fun filled trip but strenuous trip.
Shrey Sanghvi and Neev Jhaveri
The IB/ ASLEVEL bonding time was less. There was no rest time between each activity. In some of the rooms, the heaters weren’t working. SSR was not as beneficial as the students knew everything and had already received career counselling. Instead, we could conduct clean up drives at the forest with proper gear gloves and safety. 
The cooking session at the goat village was fun. The locally extracted resources were delicious. The activities were tiring but fun and helped us overcome our fears. Our safety was always prioritised.

The hotel was nice and had good service. The food was not the best, but the evening snacks were really good. The games room was amazing, and a perfect opportunity for students to bond! Junglelore wasn’t well prepared and weren’t well equipped with food when we need it. 
Arya, Avantika, Deepika, Nandika, Pritish

It was a fun filled trip and the time allotted for recreation was appropriate.However, it was very exhausting and we didn't get enough time with the IB.
Krisha and Devashree
Our edutour to Kanatal was an incredible experience, although the activities and hikes were extremely strenuous for some of us. We bonded with each other and constantly motivated and supported each other to complete the activities. However, the trip was very short and we spent most of the time travelling.The activities could have been more spaced out as we were exhausted after hiking and jumaring.

The edutour was a really fun experience as we got to enjoy with our friends and complete activities as well, although the activities became tiresome at times. It was an amazing opportunity to bond with all our peers.
Anaya Vora

According to me the trip was not well spaced out or well planned. While it was supposed to be a bonding experience for AS and IB, we barely got to spend time together because of the different activities, orientations, and the lack of space which resulted in different meal times as well. Another thing was that there were at least two activities planned for each day which left us feeling exceedingly exhausted at the end of the day. Most of us were just taking crocins to get up the next day. I would go to sleep sick every night and wake up a little better but at the end of the day I would land in the same position if not worse. We did not have any time to relax at all except after sunset by which time it was too cold to do anything or even stay in the common area with our friends. We all came back to Mumbai absolutely drained of energy and most of us were sick because the sudden weather changes that took place for us.

Sachika Bhojani

The Edutour was a memorable and an enjoyable experience for us. The area was picturesque and every sight was ‘picworthy’ The various activities though unique and fun were scheduled too
close to each other and made the trip a bit hectic. The activities were of course,very exciting and forced us to overcome our fears and step out of our comfort zones.We got a lot of time to bond with our classmates and get to know them better. The hotel had impressive facilities and the food was very good with our peers as we do not get much time back home. The hotel was up to the mark and the food provided was great. It should have been a little longer so we could have more time as travelling took up a lot of time.

It was a very memorable experience overall.

Maanya Somani and Vaidehi Rane

The 2019 Edu Tour, to Kanatal, was fun and exhilarating. The destination was beautiful and the four-star Club Mahindra property was also phenomenal. It was a perfect blend of adventure (like the various rope activities and trekking) and relaxation (back at the property). The fact that the hotel had a gaming room just made the experience more fun as we classmates were able to spend more time together; as we turned into something more than ‘just classmates’. Having a couple of dance nights along with a bonfire night also helped in creating unforgettable memories.
The social service activity was also fun as not only were we able to help out local students regarding their career, we were also able to enjoy cooking and eating the delicious local culinary items.
Apart from the fact that IB and AS Levels weren’t able to spend enough time together and the ‘curfew’ time could’ve been slightly postponed, the trip was overall amazing.
Aditya Patil

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