Easter Celebration 2018-19
22nd April 2019
11:00 AM
Grade 1,2,3,4,5

As a school we believe that it is important to celebrate different cultures and religions to imbibe tolerance and open-mindedness amongst our students, thus the students from the Junior school celebrated Easter on the 22nd of April. Students from LKG put on their creative hats as they made greeting cards for their families and participated in a colouring activity to decorate their classes. The students from HKG used their problem solving skills to solve Math Easter Magic puzzles. Students from Grade 1 coloured their very own Easter eggs and participated in a fun, head-scratching treasure hunt. Grade 2 and 3 were presented with songs and took part in an art activity. Students of Grade 4 took their celebration out of the classroom and played the Bunny Buzz Game and the Hopping Challenge where the students’ ability to balance like a Bunny was put to the test. Students from Grade 5 played the 30-second challenge game where they were asked to be as stealth as the Easter Bunny, and move balls from a tub in the middle to buckets in 4 different corners. All in all, the students had a fun and joyous celebration while learning about the importance of this holy day.

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