Community Service - Grade 6
13th Dec. 2018
11:00 AM
Grade 6
Aditya Birla World Academy

Our experience at the old age home was wonderful. We played many fun games with them, sang to them and gave them gifts. It was a truly wonderful experience. When we reached to the St. Anthony’s Home for the Aged, we greeted them with the Christmas carols “joy to the world”, “jingebell rocks” and many others. Then, we played bingo or housie with them. Even after all the prizes were gone, they wanted to play more. That showed that they were interested and enthusiastic. Lastly, we distributed gifts to everyone there. They were so glad that they got them. They were all so excited that even though they may be very old, they were 20 by heart.
-By Dhiyan Gada Grade 6

We had gone to ‘Saint Anthony’s home for the aged’. It was in Bandra. Since it was close to Christmas time, we made Christmas cards for the old ladies. We put a lot of thought and effort into making these cards by decorating it and writing messages. After we reached we got off quickly and the girls helped arrange the chairs. Soon as the old people arrived we greeted them and spoke to them. The girls sang Christmas carols like ‘Silent Night; Joy to the world; and Jingle Bell Rocks’. Later we played a game of housie which was quite interesting and the ladies enjoyed themselves. There were multiple prizes in the game. Soon after that we offered the ladies soft drinks and we began giving the cards we made and other gifts to the grandmothers. Later, one of the grandparents gave us a thank-you speech. 
-By Nikhil Kothavade Grade 6

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