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Parents speak

It is so very heartening when our children do well, whatever be the field of achievement; but it is even more gratifying when we are acknowledged and appreciated for the tireless efforts that we put in.
Our faculty works silently from behind the scenes urging, guiding, at times pushing and motivating students to stretch themselves and reach their potential.
We feel very happy and encouraged when parents express their sincere gratitude for all that we do.

This bears testimony to the fact that we are a school that 'cares'.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us, whenever you experience an instance that brings out the commitment of our staff.

— Mrs Radhika Sinha


Parent : Anuja Kohli Mariwala
Dear Mrs. Bandekar,

As you must be aware, Javahar has been admitted to Duke University, Rank 8 on the US News rankings as and also in the top 12 for best environmental science  programs in the US. It is a difficult admission by any standards. It is also an ideal university for Javahar, as in addition to the environmental sciences, it has a strong marine biology and conservation program and a strong golf program. It is set in a  beautiful 9000 acre campus within a protected forest. He will love it.

I would like to thank you personally for his recommendation letter, as well as your entire team for all the support they have given him. I spoke with Mr Singh this morning to thank him for his assistance with the applications.  The process has gone very smoothly.  Javahar's teachers have given him excellent recommendations, I am sure.  Ms. Prema has gone out of her way to ensure that he did well on the Biology -E Subject Test.  There was a tremendous desire  from everyone in the A level program to see this student succeed.

This is a big day for him, and the beginning of not just a new journey but a new sense of belief as to what he is capable of.  I know he has worked hard for it, as he is always up at 7 am, even on Sundays, working away. Playing golf at the national level has also helped in a strong sports-oriented school like Duke. I cannot thank you and your A level group enough for the putting together a program and an attitude that puts the child’s success first.

At the end of the first year and a half, to see this kind of top admission in the first batch bodes well for the A level program at ABWA.  It also shows that three A*s with the right set of scores and strong state/national level extracurriculars can get you into a top end US university.

Please do thank your team on our behalf.  I do wish that all your students in your first batch taste a similar success, and do well on their final board exams.

Warm regards,
Anuja Kohli Mariwala