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Medical workshop on first aid

A medical workshop on CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid was organized by Dr Vaishali and Smita (nurse) for the staff members (especially the teachers going on Edutour) on 9/12/17 (PD session).

A team of doctors headed by Dr. Amit Nabar (Head of Emergency and Critical care) were invited from S.L.Raheja hospital (A Fortis Associate).

The staff members were given useful tips about the immediate treatment and resuscitation measures to be used in case of following emergency situations. They were encouraged to practice the different techniques on a Dummy life size doll.

1. Road accidents
2. Bleeding /wounds of all kinds
3. Burns (fire/chemical/electrical)
4. Sprain/fracture/swelling
5. Asthma/breathing problem
6. Low glucose level
7. Convulsion (especially with fever)
8. Poisoning
9. Nose bleed
10. Head injury
11. Insect bite
12. Foreign body in eye
13. Vomiting/dehydration
14. Choking -Any foreign body (fish bone/marble/coin) stuck up in the air passages.
15. Unconscious/collapsed patient with no spontaneous breathing (mouth to mouth breathing)
16. Cardiac Compression (Chest pumping )

We appreciate and congratulate all the participants for their zeal and enthusiasm.

All the staff members were given a certificate of participation in the end by the S. L. Raheja hospital.