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Theatre Workshop

After waiting for over a month for this weekend, the 4th of November finally approached! At around 9:15, about 55 of us assembled in the auditorium and after a round of attendance, our briefing with our mentors began. Our first mentor, Mr. Chris, who represented the The Performers, took a short quiz on our knowledge of Shakespeare and went on explaining how a play actually was set up in the Shakespearean times. After this briefing, the seniors: twenty- six of us, went to the basement where our second mentor, Lakshya Sir, officially commenced the workshop for us.

We began with a few warm  up exercises, followed by a Mirroring Game, where we were paired, and asked to mirror each others actions. Further, we played a Brisk Walk game, wherein Sir told us to increase/decrease our speed, freeze/move which improved our concentration and helped us to focus and pay attention to instructions. We ended our one hour session with an improvisation game, where each actor had to copy the other’s expressions and actions and this exercise helped us learn each others capacity and skills and help improve ours too.

After a short break, our first, individual session with Mr. Chris commenced. We started off my reading a few lines from a scene of Merchant Of Venice. After getting inputs on how we could improve our verbal skills, we played a Chair Game, which included one person to take up an empty seat, while the rest prevented him from doing so. After quite a fun and an energetic session, we broke for lunch. Ah! The food could have never been better!

Soon, our second session with Lakhya sir was in place and this time we did something a little different from mainstream theatre. We played a “Ha” game, which was both tremendous fun and extremely beneficial for improving our concentration. Next, sir gave us a topic on which we all had to improvise and prepare a short skit. After this 55 minute session, we hurried to Mr. Chris’ session. There, we read out some more lines of Shakespeare and tried decoding the meaning of each of it.

The second day was energetic and fun. After a brief joint session, where we were partnered and asked to concentrate on our partner’s palm, our session with Lakshya Sir began. We started off my doing a completely new and different activity of making sounds with waste, and treating it as a musical instrument. After our very own orchestra, we began making a play and presented the same.

After a short break, we played the Chair Game again and started preparing for the Merchant Of Venice play. Each of us were assigned a particular character and given a script for the same. We began acting out our parts and by the end of the session we were mostly prepared for the show the next day.

The last day finally arrived! Throughout the day we revised what we had to perform at the final show; at Mr. chris’ session, we went through the entire play several times and in Lakshya Sir’s session we revised our musical orchestra and our drama that we were supposed to perform.

After a long, yet enjoyable day, our final show was organised. We began with the juniors presenting their play and then we presented ours. After a very successful show, our certificates were distributed and a very hard goodbye to each other followed.