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Junior school events 2015-16

Grade LKG Community Service
Grade 2 Community Service Project - ‘Toybank’
Grade 1 Community Service Projects
Jr. School Grandparents & Christmas Celebration 2017-18
Tabis Carnival 2017-18
State level skating championship results
Jr. School Children's Day Celebration 2017
Project day 2017
Diwali celebration 2017
​Jr. School Inter House Art Competition 2017
​Jr. School Navratri Celebration 2017
Jrs. Inter House Extempore Competition 2017-18
Glimpses of Awards day 2016-2017
Janmashtami Celebration - 2017
Independence Day Celebration - 2017 (Jrs.)
ECA showcase - Karate performance
Inter-house Spelling Bee Competition (Jrs.)
Inter House IT (Digital) Competition
Jrs. Annual Concert 2016-17
Inter School Gymnastics Competition
Holi Celebration
Inter School Handwriting Olympiad
Grade HKG Community Service(Caring and Sharing Week)
Junior- ​Inter-school competition
Grade 2 Community Service ToyBank Collection
27th Maharashtra State Roller Skating Championship-2016
World Schools Chess Championship
Christmas Celebration
Inter House Singing Competition
All India Calendar Art Competition
Aditya Birla World Academy Boys under 10 football team wins the South Mumbai Junior Soccer Challeng
Inter House Art Competition
Jrs.Children's Day Celebration 2016
Diwali Celebration
Inter-school relay competition
Daan Utsav - The Joy of Giving
Navratri Celebration 2016
Inter house Extempore Competition (Jrs.) 2016 Winners
Grade 4 Community Service Project ‘ADAPT’
Grandparents’ Day Celebration
Language Week Celebration
Poetry Festival 2016
Janmashtami Celebration
Inter-School Sanskrit Shloka Recitation Competition
Inter School Mental Math Competition
Chess prodigy Sara Gupta
Inter-school WHIZ Juniors Tech Competition
16th International Child Art Exhibition - 2015
Community Service HKG - 'Sharing and Caring Week'
Annual Athletic Meet 2015-16
15th International Child Art Exhibition - 2015
6th Handwriting Olympiad Competition 2015 - 2016
Inter School Competition (Colouring) - Aalia Kacheria
First In Math online programme
Poster making contest for library
26th Maharashtra State Roller Skating Championship 2015
Bombay Roller Skating Association
10th National Level Student's & Art Teacher's Art Competition
​​Inter School Competition (Colouring) - Saanvi Mehta
​​Inter School Competition : Skating - Aria
​​TABIS Carnival & Cultural Exchange with ABWA
​​19th Inter School Gymnastic – Under 8 Girls FX ​
Inter House Singing Competition (Certificates Distribution)
​​Inter House Singing Competition ​Juniors ​
Fete and Dance Marathon 2015
Annual Swimming Gala 2015
Math online programme achievement
City girl wins gold in Singapore Chess
Plant Exchange Program
SMA TV Performance
Children's Day Celebration - Juniors
Diwali celebrations
Project Day 2015 -2016 - Grade 5
Project Day 2015 -2016 - LKG
Project Day 2015 -2016 - HKG
Project Day 2015 -2016 - Grade 4
Project Day 2015 -2016 - Grade 3
Project Day 2015 -2016 - Grade 2
Project Day 2015 -2016 - Grade 1
Festival of poetry
Inter School Table Tennis Tournament​
Vaachan Prerna Diwas/ Reading Day
Navratri Celebration
Inter School Chess Tournament
Grade 1 Community Service
Inter House Art Competition
Anugrah Tewari wins Silver medal at SMCA Chess Tournament
Inter House Elocution Competition - Certificate distribution​
Library Bookmark Contest
Vistaura Connaissance Inter School Competition (Jr.)
Grade 4 Community Service
Inter House Elocution Competition
Janmashtami celebration
Junior School Annual Awards 2014-2015
NSCI Junior Open (Squash)
International Chess Competition
Author Visit
Dr. Vaishali’s assembly on ‘Asthma’