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Grade 6 Community Service

Teacher’s Report by Mr. Nishant Kalra:

Grade 6A, 6B
School Aditya Birla World Academy, Tardeo
Place St. Anthony’s Home for the Aged, Bandra West
Date 12th December 2017.
Time 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Students of Grade 6 were informed about the upcoming community service visit by the Home Room teachers (Ms. Dhwani and Ms. Aparna for Grade 6A and Ms. Pranali and Mr. Nishant for Grade 6B). Students planned singing Christmas carols, games, and other activities during their Home Room time. A meeting was held with the Class Representatives, Grade 6 Home Room teachers and Ms. Michelle to discuss the activities that will be carried out at the Old Age Home. Mr. Marc Anthony helped the students prepare for the carol singing along with Ms. Dhwani. Mr. Imam made arrangements for the transport to the venue and back, the bus, the camera, and also provided us with storage space for the kits sent by the parents.


The students of Grade 6 headed to St. Anthony’s Home for the Aged in two buses at 9:00 a.m. along with Ms. Dhwani, Ms. Pranali, Ms. Anita, Ms. Laura, and Mr. Nishant, along with security attendants. They arrived at around 9:45 a.m. The security attendants helped carry the boxes of food, snacks, blankets and biscuits to the store room. The senior citizens were brought out of their living quarters by the Sister and helpers. Vrinda Jhingan and Mishty Verma greeted them and introduced themselves. The choir group students then arranged themselves in a circle and sang “Holy Night”, “Winter Wonderland”, and “Jingle Bell Rock”. A few of the residents joined in as well. Shyam Photographer dressed up as Santa Claus and distributed a pack of dry fruits and snacks to everyone. He was greeted with a lot of cheers and applause.

Shaan Patel, Siya Tantia, Samara, and Vivaan Shah then announced that they will be conducting a game of Housie. The students spread out among the residents and asked them if they needed help ‘popping out’ the numbers on their housie card. They also interacted with them and asked them their names. The housie game was met with a lot of excitement, and some of the residents were very competitive as well. The packets of biscuits were distributed among the winners. This was followed by distribution of toiletries among everyone. The elderly citizens were very glad. A few of them spoke to the teachers and students individually and blessed them. One of the ladies stood up and gave a ‘Thank You’ speech which was very well appreciated by the students and teachers alike. The ‘Caravan’ which had 5000 old songs input in it was given to the head Sister. The students gave their Christmas cards and wished the residents. They said goodbye and departed around 11:45 a.m.


It was a moving experience for several of the students. They were curious about the age of the residents, and expressed worry about whether they were treated well. Debojit made an observation that he felt really sad as these ladies were away from their families and they must be lonely. Several of the women hugged the students and held their hands as they played together. The smiles on the faces of all residents when the students walked in was really worth the visit. In fact, when the wheelchair bound ladies were coming out of their living quarters and arranging themselves in a circle, they requested the students to come out of the bus instead of shying back. The time spent with the residents was much more appreciated than the material gifts that were given. I think it was a very enriching and humbling experience for all of us. It taught us all to not take youth for granted, and to take time out of our schedules for the senior citizens. It’s amazing how much simple human interaction means to them.

Special thanks:

I really appreciate the involvement of all Grade 6 parents, led by our Class Representatives (Ms. Shalini Jhingan and Ms. Rupal Dharamshi), as well as the Grade 6 Home Room teachers, Ms. Anita, Ms. Laura, Ms. Michelle, the Admin and security staff, and the drivers who helped make the day go smoothly.

Student Report by: Siya Tantia, Class 6A

On 12th December 2017, Grade 6 students of Aditya Birla World Academy were privileged to visit an Old Age home in Bandra from 9:45 am to 12:30pm.

We started our visit with the students singing a few Christmas carols for the elderly ladies such as ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and ‘Silent Night. They sang along with us and shook a hip or two in their chairs. We sang mainly Christmas carols because most of the people staying there were Catholics. Next, one of the students went around distributing dry fruits dressed as Santa. This made all of the elderly ladies laugh. Following to that, we played a game of housie, which the elderly seemed to enjoy the most. Everyone said that they were professionals at it and played housie every second day! The joyful look on the winner’s faces brought smiles to each one of the student’s faces. And lastly, we distributed toiletries and blankets to each of the ladies staying in the old age home. Everyone was very happy and what stole the day was the radio that we gifted them. It had over 500 old songs that the elderly will definitely enjoy.

I, as a matter of fact, was very happy that we could spend time with them as it made me happy to know that we, the students, had brought joy and happiness along with lighting up their day. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the people staying in the old age home. I would love to visit them again and I am sure that everyone else would love too as this was a golden opportunity to touch someone’s life.

Student Report by: Aadit Shah, Class 6B

On Tuesday, 12th of December, we the students of Grade 6, accompanied by a few teachers visited an old age home. We were welcomed with open arms and claps from the members. We had a very interesting plan in place and we began carrying it out. First, we interacted with them and gifted them our attractive handmade Christmas cards and then we gave them a small surprise. One boy dressed up as Santa and distributed some dry fruits. Next, the choir came in with a heart-warming performance from the choir to keep the fun mood going. The choir sang Christmas carols since Christmas was just around the corner. All the old ladies enjoyed this and cheerfully clapped and a few of them even sang along. After that, we played a game of housie which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, the students and members alike. Soon, it was time to leave, they thanked us and told us that they had a great time. It was truly a memorable and an exciting trip.