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World Mathematics Team Championship (WMTC), Bangkok

The World Mathematics Team Championship held from 9th November till 13th November, 2017 in Bangkok is one of the most prestigious mathematics competition.

It is an international team oriented competition where students stay in a central location for five days. This year 21 countries and around 1000 participants competed for the Championship.

Aditya Birla World Academy was the only school which represented India. There were 5 teams consisting of 30 students who participated in the 8th World Mathematics Team Championship.

Mr. Quan Lam outlined the competition rules, format, and, content for WMTC. WMTC has three levels: Junior [mainly for primary school students], Intermediate [for middle school students], and Advanced [for high school students]. Each level consists of three rounds categorized as Individual, Team, and Relay. Students compete in teams of six.

The itinerary consisted of participants competing with each other while sharing their experience and culture with other international teams.

The competition was held on 10th November where the school won 9 medals, 2 Bronze medals at the Junior Level, 5 Bronze medals and 1 silver at the intermediate Level and 1 Silver medal at the Advance Level. The winners are:

1 Junior group: 2 bronze in individual round
  Abhishek Jain
  Aadit Shah
2 Intermediate: 5 bronze in individual!!
  Annette Mehta
  Jay Shah
  Keval Shah
  Sahil Koita
  Aaryan Dangi
4 Intermediate level 1 silver in individual
  Aditya Jain
5 Advanced level: One silver medal in individual round
  Ishaan Shah
The cultural sites included visiting the Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. Safari World and the Asiatique river front followed by the cruise on the Chao Phraya River. These were memorable outings for all the students.

For the Gala dinner, our students performed various dances and sang melodious songs which were applauded and cheered by one and all . We returned to Mumbai on 13th November with a sense of accomplishment and pride having represented our school and country at the International level.
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