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Village Partnership programme

The village visit was a heartwarming experience that cannot be forgotten as it has made a deep impact in our hearts. The laughter of the students, their dedication and curiosity to learn was evident across ages.

Twenty eight students of Grade 10 and Grade 12 A level left school at 2:15 pm on Feb 2, 2018. The students had carried with them resources such as chart papers, stationery and story books for the village school.

The six hour bus journey was a good space for students to bond with each other and passed quickly as they were engaged in chatting, singing and eating of course. On reaching the hotel, we were briefed about the activities for next day by the Swades team and the students were divided into three groups. Next morning on reaching the village school, our students joined them in the assembly and started the day with prayer and attention.

Our Grade 12 students were assigned to teach Math, English and Sports to Grade 8 children of the village school. Another group of Grade 10 students were also engaged in teaching the same with Grade 7 students of the village school. The third group was sent to another primary school to meet young children of the ages 5 -9 years. Here they were assigned to read stories, play games and draw.

This group also helped in painting the floor outside the classroom with squares and geometrical figures. All the activities went off well and students were served lunch from the village at 1: 30 pm. The return journey was also smooth and enjoyable. Students reached school by 8: 30 pm. The whole act of serving students in the village was a humbling gesture. Being a part of their lives for one day gave us a glimpse of the simplicity and contentment with which life can be led.

Esha Dharia- For the 10A Village Partnership Programme, we travelled to Raigad.  It was a valuable experience to interact and play with the children of the school.  The students displayed utmost discipline during their assembly and interaction sessions with us.  I had a lot of fun while playing sports and games with the co-operative and sweet students of the third and fourth grade.  This trip was extremely memorable and inspiring.       

Sneha Kumar - This Village Partnership Programme was a great experience.  We travelled to Raigad, where we interacted, taught and played with children ranging from five to fifteen years old.  The unparalled enthusiasm and exemplary discipline in that school was astounding.  Personally, I had a lot of fun while teaching seventh graders English.  All of us also made study aids, including posters and flash cards to help the kids have more resources while learning.  Overall, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed this community service tremendously.  

Nandika Khetwani - It was a great learning experience where we got the opportunity to interact with the children of the village.  We taught them English and in return we learnt some Marathi.  It was an enriching and fun trip!        

Krish Sanghvi- This trip was an enriching experience for us. Interacting with the children of the Raigad school, was not only a learning experience for them but for us as well. Apart from teaching them sports such as football and volleyball, we personally learnt how to play their popular sports such as 'Kabbadi' and 'Kho Kho'. Most importantly, such an experience has made us grateful as we learn to appreciate the facilities and various opportunities available in urban cities and towns. Overall, we had a great time in Raigad, enjoying all the aspects of the trip. 

Prisha Gala -The community service trip was an amazing learning experience for all of us. We conducted a lot of sports activities with them such as cricket and kabbadi. We even taught them how to play a game called 'Capture the flag' which they seemed to thoroughly enjoy. What I liked about this trip was that we not only got the opportunity to give something back to society, but also got to interact with children from various backgrounds. Overall, it was an extremely memorable trip and I hope to have such wonderful experiences again.

Shanay Mehta - After a long and arduous bus ride, we arrived at the hotel and perpared ourselves for the community service.  We loved the warmth and  openness of the students.  We were awestruck by their discipline.  Our overall experience was enriching and we felt grateful for whatever we have.

Ishaan Thakkar-The trip was very interesting. I learnt a lot by teaching the children Maths because I love Maths.

Nish Dedhia- I enjoyed playing with the children. I felt that it was a very enriching experience and I would like to go on the trip again. It improved interpersonal relations and made me feel grateful.

Ishaan Zaveri- The trip was great. Firstly, the food was prepared and cooked with lots of love and was delicious. Even though the journey was long, it helped us bond as a class. The rooms were amazing and they exceeded our expectations. Playing with the little children was a lot of fun and it showed us the simplicity of life.

Saloni Mohapatra- This trip was a great experience. Visiting a school in a village made us understand the kind of education these students have. I taught three sections Mathematics and really enjoyed teaching these students the techniques I learnt in school. It was amazing to see how intelligent some of them are given their living conditions. Visiting this school for just a few hours has made me much more compassionate and thankful for what I have.